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Listen to Kit Welchlin explain his program on dealing with difficult people.


Are you exhausted by having to deal difficult people? Do you have trouble trying to diffuse the situation? Do people get under your skin easily?

Kit Welchlin provides the dealing with difficult people training materials that get results. As one of the leading leadership keynote speakers and customer service speakers, Kit has found that the dealing with difficult people training sessions give people hope and ideas on how to handle difficult customers and how to improve customer service.

Participants will learn:

the ten different types of difficult people
the five action steps to respond rather than react
the five stages in controlling your emotions and responding appropriately
how to differentiate yourself from everyone else
the fifty strategies to deal with the truly ruthless

Comments from Kit’s workshop: How to Handle Difficult People (without becoming one)

Kit Welchlin  Date:  1‐9‐2020  

What were the most valuable features of the course? 

·         The positive upbeat delivery to a very dramatic topic 

·         Learning the different types of people and how to handle them. 

·         The types of difficult people and how to deal with each one 

·         Entertaining, great sense of humor.  Content, handout 

·         The different types of difficult people and how to handle them 

·         His energy and personality, real examples 

·         Kit’s humor, stories, handout

·         Good information, presented well, will be helpful in my HR position 

·         The 50 tips for handling difficult people

·          Kit had the presentation done in a capsule form!  Loved it 

·         Kit presented very well, very uplifting 

·         The examples/stories made it more relatable and easier to understand.  Humor kept

the attention and made it fun to listen/learn. 

·         Identifying different personalities and how to deal with them.  Very fun! 

Kit’s Bio:

Kit Welchlin is a high-energy motivational speaker delivering speeches and seminars on Change, Communication, Difficult People, Emotional Intelligence, Generations, Leadership, Stress & Time Management, and Teamwork.

He grew up on a hog and dairy farm in southern Minnesota and began public speaking at the age of 9 in 4-H. By 16, he was organizing and facilitating presentations on leadership, citizenship, community service, and motivation for the 4-H and the FFA.

Kit purchased his first manufacturing company at age 21, and by 26 was CEO and Chairman of the Board of three manufacturing companies in three states.

He’s been an instructor with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, where he has been repeatedly nominated Outstanding Faculty and received the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Kit has a B.S. Degree in Speech Communication, Business Administration and Political Science. He earned an M.A. Degree in Speech Communication and Business Administration.

For more information on Kit Welchlin, visit Midwest Speakers Bureau’s website by clicking on the following link:

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