Grumbling, Groaning and Fault Finding
Destroys Relationships and Happiness

People don’t like Grumblies because hearing constant complaining gets on their nerves. They don’t need any more problems to pile on top of their already overtaxed stress levels. Plus, they often stop listening and tune you out, even when you have valid complaints.
Whining doesn’t serve your best interests. If you want to improve your chances of getting more of what you want, get all of those awful thoughts out of your system. Gather up your “Ain’t it awful!” attitude – all the reasons why life’s unfair, how mistreated you feel, how others get all the lucky breaks and how hopeless it all seems. Then, throw yourself a short-lived pity party, inviting all your negative thoughts to it. Wallow in them for a while, but when you’ve purged them quit complaining! Don’t allow chronic negativity to sap any more of your energy, or contaminate anyone else with it. Incessant fault-finding may also be a symptom associated with chronic depression, in which case therapeutic assistance is advised.

Invite thoughts of gratitude and appreciation as an antidote to all the awful, no-good, dirty, rotten ones. Think about some ways you’re willing to improve your situation, and act on them. Focus on solutions, not sorrow; cultivate good connections, not toxic ones. Misery loves company, but who really loves to keep company with those who focus on finding fault?

Based on the book, “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere … 8 keys to creating enduring connections with customers, co-workers … even kids” by Arnold Sanow, Sandra Strauss – here are 10 good reasons to stop groaning and grumbling:
1.     Makes people want to avoid you
2.     Destroys respect people have for you otherwise
3.     Pollutes the atmosphere
4.     Creates negative programming
5.     Attracts negative people (misery loves company)
6.     Makes you feel worse and brings others down around you
7.     Increases your stress level
8.     Reinforces negative energy
9.     Gives power to problems rather than solutions
10.   Drains you of productive energy

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