Great Thinkers are those who are aware that there are challenges in their environment and they look for solutions to overcome them. They look to unify their culture and engage their teams and clients. They strive for success! They seek self-improvement and they make a positive impact in the lives of their people. GREAT Thinkers are creating a better future.

There are THREE distinctive characteristics of a GREAT Thinker:

  1. They are COMMITTED to achieving greater results!
  2. They are OPEN to new ideas!
  3. They are READY to take immediate action!

Do these three characteristics define you?

Erik Therwanger is on a mission to support GREAT Thinkers in making a difference. He’ll share with your attendees the 3 Pillars of GREATNESS – LEADING, PLANNING and SELLING. Each Pillar is its own discipline, but together they create a foundation for the growth of your organization. They allow you to BUILD your people, STRENGTHEN your structure, and EXPAND your impact

Think GREAT and Make an Impact!

See Erik Therwanger at the 2018 Midwest Speakers Bureau’s Speakers Showcase on August 21st in Des  Moines, IA.  Click here to reserve your seat.

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