Do you find you have a hard time starting the day? I find that I stare at that spot on the wall for about 20 minutes, before I throw myself into a panicked consciousness by thinking I am now going to be late. I am humorist Juli Burney bringing you a moment of clear thinking.  I make excuses for my delayed start by saying I am not a morning person, but the fact of the matter is that I am just prolonging a few more minutes of non-commitment. The moment I begin getting ready for today, I have committed to all my commitments for the day!  Somehow just one more minute of looking at that spot on the wall allows my brain to organize sort and prepare, before it actually has to be in constant motion with work, family, errands, favors, and chores, and whatever.  I am in the calm before the storm.  It allows me to organize and handle anything that comes my way today.  Self-communication is essential to wellbeing and happiness. I recommend a period of dazed preparation for everyone. I just recommend   that you get up a little bit earlier to work it in.

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