George Hametis’s secret  to being married happily ever after.
A few weeks before my wife and I were to be married, very dear friends of ours who had been married for 63 years pulled us aside and offered us advice for a happy and lasting marriage. When a couple whose been 63 years wants to give you advice about marriage, you make the time to listen. They said to us that the secret to being married happily ever after is, ‘When you get into an argument with each other, and you will, one of you needs to grab the other’s hand and begin to pray.’
Shortly after the honeymoon was over, my wife and I got into a heated discussion about something and as the verbal chess match got more and more animated, suddenly, she grabbed and squeezed my hand and began to pray. She said very loudly, ‘Lord!’ (I began to get choked up as I realized what she was doing and how we were arguing over something silly but she was bringing us back to center by remembering the advice of our dear friends.) She continued her prayer, “Lord! Help him stop being so stupid! Amen!”
And that is the secret to being married happily ever after

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