Former Iowa Barnstormer loses 90 lbs. and kicks off Extraordinary Health Challenge

Des Moines, IA — July 1, 2009 – David Bush, a former lineman with the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League from 1995-1998, has shed over one third of his body weight.  Now he’s ready to tackle the nationwide obesity epidemic with an Extraordinary Health Challenge inviting leaders to lose weight and get healthy.

On December 29th 2008, Bush weighed in well over 300 pounds and experienced growing concerns over his health and wellness. After receiving a personal challenge from a friend to lose some weight, he signed up for a health coaching program and now weighs 210 pounds. Feeling healthier than ever before, he’s now committed to helping others to lose weight and achieve extraordinary health.

“I was more than skeptical that I could get to such a healthy weight. I’ve been a big football player my entire life and I continued to eat like one long after the football was over” explains Bush. “Now with a few small changes in my daily habits, I weigh less than I did in the 7th grade and I feel absolutely extraordinary.” 

In 2007, Bush suffered a back injury playing basketball requiring two different surgeries and it acted as a wake up call.  Knowing his grandfather had died at an early age due to heart disease, he decided to stop hitting the “snooze” button and make some changes in his life to get healthy. 

“Bad habits and poor choices have led 66% of adult Americans to become overweight and/or obese and our children are following close behind.  Obesity is quickly surpassing smoking as the number one preventable disease but as a society we continue to accept these lifestyle choices as ordinary” says Bush.  “I know changing habits is not easy but if I can do it others can do the same and together we can start a wellness revolution to get America healthy.”

About the Extraordinary Health Challenge

Bush’s Extraordinary Health Challenge ( focuses participants on losing weight through the building of new healthy habits in 4 distinct areas: Eating, Exercise, Energy and Encouragement.  After they’ve completed the 30-day challenge participants can choose to repeat the challenge to continue their weight loss and journey to extraordinary health or they can exit the program. 

“I’ve learned big weight loss goals are exciting but they can also be overwhelming” says Bush.  “Most of us just need a challenge from a friend, a simple plan to follow and a short term goal that’s realistic.  Once we achieve the short term goal the momentum kicks in, we gain confidence and then there’s no telling what we can do.”

Participants in the challenge complete a quick personal health assessment, set a 30-day weight loss goal and select a basic eating and exercise plan to achieve their goal.  Because of Bush’s professional sports background he knows the value of accountability, coaching and teamwork to improve one’s performance. He coaches each participant to commit wholeheartedly to the program for 30 days and challenges each of them to engage in the complimentary health coaching to maximize their personal results.

Individuals, organizations and employers can all participate in the challenge.  As a nationally recognized motivational and peak performance coach, Bush provides on-site workshops and training programs to help organizations keep their workforce healthy and productive.  For more information please visit or call 641-628-3700.

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