I’ll tell you what’s GOOD… You are, my man. You are!
I can’t thank you enough for joining us at this year’s Independent Operators Symposium. It was so great to work with you and get to know you a little better during our week together in Maui. Our group thoroughly enjoyed your presentation – a total home run. I have attached a summary of the survey evaluations from your presentation – Now don’t let all these positive accolades go to your head… oh what the heck, on second thought, drink them in like a rum-infused tropical cocktail. Great stuff, Paul.

Comments from attendees:
Energy was amazing
Made us laugh and smile throughout the whole session
His energy. How he personalized it to group, knowing a lot of people’s names and stories
His energy was contagious
Paul had practical solutions to everyday problems
Helped change the way I look at things

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