Todd Buchholz

Todd Buchholz new program: Consumers, Cash, and Your Coronavirus Comeback

In Todd Buchholz’s new program “Consumers, Cash, and Your Coronavirus Comeback” he discusses the economic impact of the coronavirus and recovery strategies. His program is available for either for in-person speeches or for video presentations.

Consumers, Cash, and Your Coronavirus Comeback

Todd Buchholz is advising some of the hardest-hit companies – from major cruise lines to Broadway theaters – on their coronavirus comeback. Tap into his frontline economic experience to help your business grow now.  

 ·      Find out whether the economy will bounce back with a V-shaped, U-shaped, or W-shaped recovery, and how to adjust for contingencies 

·      Position your company to be, not just a survivor but a beneficiary of the economic rebound ahead

·      Target the customers and entities that can spend the most—soon


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