Do you feel like you have been benched? Struggling on how to get back into the Game?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I was at the top of my game and all of a sudden got benched! Now that we have gotten over the shock and we realize that we probably will not get to play a full game for quite some time, what do we do?

You need to ask yourself:

·         “What can I learn from being benched?”

·         “How can I use this situation to improve my game?”

·         “What can I contribute to the team even while on the sidelines?”

We need to see this as an opportunity to improve our game. What better way than to focus on the mental side of your performance.  To do this, we need to turn to performance coach and speaker, Dr. Cindra Kamphoff!

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff is the author of an Amazon bestseller, “Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High Performance Edge.”  She is also the founder of the High Performance Mindset podcast. Cindra believes that you can unlock new levels of potential when you train your mind to think powerfully and on purpose.

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Interested in hearing Dr. Cindra Kamphoff speak? She will be speaking in Sioux Falls on August 12th and in Des Moines on August 13th.

Dr. Kamphoff will be speaking on one of her key best practices.

The Imposter Syndrome is one of the key reasons we can lack confidence in ourselves. We can feel like a fraud or fear that someone will “find us out” despite real concrete evidence that we should be confident in our ability, our future, and ourselves.

In this session you will learn:
•What leads to the Imposter Syndrome and how to thrive despite it
• Strategies and tangible tools to build your confidence
• A morning routine to help you own your confidence each day
• How to see your true value and worth

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