Lately there has been so much change in your organization. Systems seem to be influx. You might not feel sure the new way will be better than the old way. Scared that all will be lost? I bet you’re wondering if you should continue to do both the old and the new?

The question shouldn’t be whether you continue to do both the old and the new. The question should be: Am I doing things right or am I doing the right things?

In times of change, it is hard to let go of the things we do well, even if they are no longer necessary. It feels good to be competent.

However, in times of ‘change’ we need to be sure we are doing the right things, studying the new process, applying the new technique, following the new reporting procedures…until we become competent again, with the right activities.

We need to have the courage to abandon the expendable, to let go of the old ways. These three tests will help:

• The test of necessity: Do we really still need to do it or not? If not, stop it.

• The test of appropriateness: If we have determined that it is necessary, then who is the appropriate person? If it is you, then get the training and get busy? If it is not a skill that is appropriate for you to develop, then delegate it to the appropriate person that has that skill already.

• The test of efficiency: How can we do it better? How can we streamline the process? How can we use technology to enhance the process and become more efficient?

These three tests of necessity, appropriateness, and efficiency, will help.

When our work life keeps changing, we sometimes worry that the new system won’t work. We hold onto the old ways. We need to launch a new beginning. Take the tests. Is this activity necessary or not, appropriate or not, efficient or not? Now you’re focusing on the right things.

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