Baby Boomers like a good challenge. Boomers have worked hard to climb the ladder of success. Do the generations have different career goals?

The oldest generation, the Veterans or Traditionals expected to work in the same industry and enjoy lifetime employment with the same organization.

The Baby Boomers go to work to make change and to make a difference. Baby Boomers work hard and strive to stand out and to be recognized for their contribution.

Generation Xers expect their jobs and career path to be interrupted at times. Xers want keep moving forward by developing a wide variety of skills that keep them employable. Gen Xers believe that you need to plan your career, or you might not have one.

The Millennials would like variety in their jobs. They would like to work in customer service one day, maybe operations another, and volunteer for service projects the next. Millennials want a variety of activities, not just in the short term, but in the long-term, too. This youngest generation will experience possibly a dozen …career… changes in their lifetime.

Each generation does appear to have different career goals. Recognizing and respecting the differences will go a long way in recruiting and retaining the finest talent of each generation.

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