New COVID-19 related programs presented virtually or in person by John Manzella

New Program Description:

Will COVID-19 Kill Globalization? What Companies and Workers Need to Do

Recent trade battles with China and other countries have reduced trade flows. But this drop is small compared to what’s ahead. In turn, many argue that globalization will soon be dead. Globalization isn’t dying, it’s evolving, and existing trends are accelerating. This thought provoking program provides analysis of protectionist trends, how digital technologies and automation are transforming globalization, strategies companies and workers can implement to mitigate risks and seize opportunities, what’s ahead for China trade and U.S. companies manufacturing there, and what companies should do to prepare for future threats or pandemics.

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Other programs include:

• COVID-19, Economic Trends, Global Trade and What’s Ahead

• International Trade, New Realities and Ripple Effects

• Economic Forecast, Emerging Risks and Survival Strategies



John Manzella is a world-recognized speaker, author of several books, and a nationally syndicated columnist on global business, trade policy, labor, and the latest economic trends. His valuable insight, analysis and strategic direction have been vital to many of the world’s largest corporations and associations preparing for the business, economic and political challenges ahead.

John’s views have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, NPR, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, Newsday, and other publications in China, Mexico and around the globe. His books include Global America: Understanding Global and Economic Trends and How To Ensure Competitiveness, Grasping Globalization: It’s Impact and Your Corporate Response, and Mexico & NAFTA: The Real Impact, among others.

John is founder of both the, a premier source for global business and economic analysis, and Manzella Trade Communications, Inc., a public affairs, publishing and consulting firm. He also is Chief Strategy Officer of Ignition Life Solutions, a global enterprise risk management consulting firm, chair of the Upstate New York District Export Council, a position appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, former Executive Director of goTRADE New York, an advocacy coalition sponsored by the Washington, D.C.-based Business Roundtable, and former President and CEO of World Trade Center BN.

John’s speaking topics can be customized an include international business and trade policy; U.S. and global economics; workforce, skills, automation and immigration; and business trends and emerging risks.

For more information on John Manzella’s programs, click or call Midwest Speakers Bureau at 515-974-8305.


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