I really enjoyed Simon T. Bailey’s article about being audacious. Are you audacious?

Characteristics of audacious individuals are the following:

  • People either like them or not.
  • They attract attention in a crowded room without saying anything.
  • They’re highly intuitive-always dialed into what is happening in the world.
  • They operate with tacit knowledge; that is, they don’t know how they do what they do; they just do it with confidence. There is no app that you can download to gain this type of intuition.
  • Something shifts inside of you when you are in their presence.
  • They are agents of change. They are not afraid of change; they create it.

As an audacious individual remember the size of your future is only limited by the size of your quantum field. When you are audacious, you invite the world to mirror back to you what you are releasing into the atmosphere. Your spirit grows in direct proportion to the size of the environment in which you choose to live. This resurrection season, it’s time to be audacious.

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