bob-woodwardAs event planners look for an expert to help them understand Washington, there’s no better guide than BOB WOODWARD.  The legendary Washington Post reporter has a way of getting inside the White House and learning what’s really going on, pulling the curtain back on the power struggles behind the headlines.  The non-partisan Woodward is also a safe choice – nothing polarizing about him.

“The Age of the American Presidency”

Donald Trump is creating an entirely new American Presidency, breaking most rules and setting a new non-traditional course.  Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward is now turning to the 45th president, putting him in context and addressing what is going on behind the scenes and what to expect.

Woodward speaks to the critical questions: How did Trump get to the White House? What are his true intentions?  What can be believed? What positions are real?  What information can be trusted and what statements and tweets really reflect where he is going? Can he deliver? Who will support or attempt to thwart him? Who does he really listen to? And what may it all mean?

No one knows the American presidency as well as Bob Woodward, the Post’s veteran reporter-historian, who has written #1 bestselling books covering all eight of the last presidents from Nixon to Obama. Only someone with more than four decades of explaining and understanding the American presidency with his signature aggressive but fair and non-partisan reporting can quickly provide a timely portrait of Trump.  The 45th president comes to an office which, as Woodward demonstrates, has an increased and astounding concentration of power.

In 2014, Robert Gates, former director of the CIA and Secretary of Defense, said of Woodward, “He has an extraordinary ability to get otherwise responsible adults to spill [their] guts to him . . . his ability to get people to talk about stuff they shouldn’t be talking about is just extraordinary and may be unique.”  Therein lays Woodward’s unique gift.

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