By Kevin Freiberg and Jackie Freiberg
Dr. Kevin and Dr. Jackie Freiberg, bestselling business authors and leadership experts, give business leaders tips on leading like Game Changers to drive business up in a down economy.

Fear and paralysis are gripping individuals and businesses. But work must go on.  “The 24/7 doom and gloom is taking a toll on personal and collective optimism. It’s time to stop moaning about the economy — and start moving. Lead like a Game Changer and you’ll change your life and transform your business,” say Dr. Kevin and Dr. Jackie Freiberg.

Focus Forward—Your Future is Not in the Rear View Mirror!

Be a game changer by focusing forward and putting the following 7 tips into practice.

Take the Lead It’s time to lead not follow. Leaders are needed, not just leaders to run the country but leaders to run organizations. Leaders at all levels, who are capable of inspiring others to push through fear and move toward results, innovations, and competitive advantage. People need to be challenged, inspired and energized to move from fear toward what is working. Take the challenge to become a life-long learner, grow a professional network, always deliver on promises and consistently do more than is expected. Leaders are learners who teach. Learn how to re-engage and recharge others through the process of appreciative inquiry.

Get it Done Dust off and complete those want-to-get-to projects. Capitalize on any slow time and brainstorm a list of tasks that will help add value each day. Answer this question, “Why shouldn’t a particular position be outsourced?” Do not make this an intellectual exercise. Answer the question personally by adding value and improving contributions daily.

Read to Motivate Look for good news. Be the bearer of good news. Engage in activities that add value, that energize and improve performance. Monitor and limit the intake of news and people that zap a sense of optimism and hope. Change the focus. Stop moaning. It’s okay to commiserate for a short period, but not for long. Read a biography about a hero, a successful person, or a business that is booming. Perhaps the story will inspire big dreams to accomplish more, or at the very least shift the focus.

Learn and Grow Set some professional goals to stretch and grow. Choose to spend time doing things that improve life, and that add skills. Sign up for a Webinar, join a book club, start a book club, set a goal to learn something new every day (or at least once a week). Is it brushing up on technology? Maybe it’s time to look for a mentor or become a mentor. The most powerful form of leadership is service. Serving as a mentor is a great way to serve, to stretch and to grow ourselves. Maybe it’s time to spend a day with a customer or a colleague and learn how to better serve them. Maybe it’s time to do that project that keeps getting neglected.

Refuel Faith and Hope Get grounded and feed on what is true and hopeful. Start and end the day with a devotional. When stress is peaking spend some quiet time refueling faith and hope.  Start a gratitude list. When depression is knocking it’s refreshing and healing to refocus and think about what one is grateful for. When fear starts to take root the best medicine is getting reconnected to faith, values and the good in life. Let faith and gratitude fuel attitudes with hope and that will redirect behavior. Volunteer for a morning and give personal time and talent to someone who can’t pay it back.  Do a good deed and don’t look for any kudos.

Be Discerning Keep a level head and don’t buy into sensationalism or extremist views. Don’t read trash it confuses one’s character. Don’t let negative people suck out life and energy. Practice optimism and spend time with people who are moving, people who are busy making things happen, momentum is contagious (so is negativity so be careful and discerning).

Be MoneyWise Create or revisit the budget. Be frugal not frivolous. Make more and spend less. Start saving and curb the spending.  Get creative and seek input on savings tips, investment ideas and sustainability solutions. Challenge family members and colleagues to find creative ways to save a buck a day. Or find better ways to use money.  Be adventurous, share, borrow, and experiment with new ideas.

We need Game Changers who practice personal and collective leadership.  The best leaders are learners who teach through vivid, living, personal example. Recession and depression proof personally and collectively. Own and live these 7 tips and set an example — become an inspiration to others. So start moving, your organization’s success depends on it!

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