I looked in the mirror and what did I see, a person with some bad habits staring back at me.

There are some that are trivial and a tad bothersome at best, but there are a few that I see standing out from all the rest.

I’ve thought about them before, no they are not new to me, but they are still here and they definitely shouldn’t be. What is different about today as I see my reflection looking back, is a commitment in my heart to change … that I no longer lack.

There are no crowds cheering or coaches to push me on, only becoming a better person is what I will have won. So I made the decision to concentrate on just two, becoming a better person is a smart thing to do.

And when those two bad habits are gone and a better person am I, it will be time to pick two more and give them a try. For the one truth I know … a very sobering fact, failure comes from not improving … so now I must act.

Do yourself a favor and take a lesson from me, we can all be better people … if we just commit to be.
Pick two things to fix and do it today, for striving to be better … you should never ever delay.

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