You are a very important person. However, when you don’t show others that you are paying attention to them, then they may not feel so important.

Ask yourself, “When was the last time someone complimented you on your listening skills?” Many researchers say that listening is the number one most admired quality of a coworker. But, you must look like you’re listening.

There are six main nonverbal cues that signal workers that you are in fact listening. Remember to maintain STABLE nonverbal communication.

• Squarely face the other person – tells that person that you are focused

• Tip your head occasionally – shows you’re following along

• Attentive facial expressions – smile when you agree, look confused when you don’t understand

• Barrier free environment – remove the barriers between you and the other person

• Lean forward slightly – show your enthusiasm as a listener

• Eye contact – people know you hear with your ears, but they judge whether or not you’re listening with your eyes

If you get into that effective listening posture, not only will people believe you’re listening to them but it will actually improve your listening comprehension too.

Remember, listening is free. A minor adjustment in your listening behavior can have a major impact on your relationship.

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