Why Kit Grant is consistently a top-choice for leadership keynotes

Experience: Kit Grant is one of a very few inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. He was honored in 2002 for his work within the speaking community by the remarkable 3000+ keynotes & workshops he has presented
Expertise: Kit inspires all levels of leadership – removing whatever limitations they have set and shows them ways to set high, more courageous goals, that can be done immediately and with ease
(ie: reaching MORE obtainable goals without spending money or investing in new technology)

Unique: Kit’s funny. He’s clever. He’s not scared to tell you how it is. He shares his expertise in an entertaining style.

Best Time-Slot: Kit’s a great opener or closer for any conference. He’s also one of the very few that loves the after-dinner spot which is a great way to tie in leadership skills and entertainment all in one.

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