Gender Communication: How Do We Approach Relationships?

Some people like to be independent and self-reliant. Some people like doing things themselves and don’t like asking for assistance. It could be a difference in personality traits or it could be a difference in gender communication styles.

Often relationships for males are based on autonomy and are grounded in roles that involve obligation and commitment. So, men would probably like to have as much independence and autonomy as possible, yet feel obligated to support to organization goals, and feel committed to supporting the boss.

Also, men tend to see their relationships with others as involving reciprocity between separate individuals. They tend to help others that have helped them in the past. In my personal life, I will always help my friends move, that have helped me move in the past. I will attend their charity events if they have attended mine.

Often, women approach relationships somewhat differently. Relationships for females are grounded in interdependence and recognizing the interdependence between people. Women demonstrate an acute awareness of the social skills that can minimize potential hurt or relationship damage.

Women tend to be better at being non-critical listeners and better at providing mutual support. Women tend to be more expressive in their communication style and freely share thoughts and feelings. Women sometimes see relationships as guided by the activity of caring for others.

You probably have noticed, that when coworkers have an illness in their families, it is often the women that take the time off to care for their loved ones. Men and women often approach relationships differently… and mutual respect is critical.

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