A Warrior’s Attitude

Do you have a warrior’s attitude? A warrior possesses an attitude that guides his daily action. The warrior desires peace and stability so that his family may grow and prosper and his community may thrive. A warrior understands and accepts that life involves conflict and requires effort (lots of it). The warrior realizes that peace is not simply the absence of conflict but the presence of victory over those who would harm his family and destroy his community. He understands that his strength and arms are gifts from God and with these gifts come a responsibility. The warrior does not take this responsibility lightly.

A warrior prepares his mind and body for conflict. Life is full of conflict and hiding or denying this truth does not make conflict go away. This preparation requires sacrifice and difficult choices. While others are relaxing, the warrior is sweating and working. When conflict arrives at your door, the warrior is prepared. The edge of the finest sword will eventually dull if not honed properly. A warrior lives life a little more seriously than most, but at the same time lives life to its fullest. Are you prepared?

A warrior fiercely protects the quality of his own life, for if his life is in shambles, who will protect his family and community? The warrior values family and community and swears allegiance to their protection. They have the ability and will to fight to protect the people around them. The warrior’s reward comes from a deep sense of accomplishment and purpose, the smiling faces of his family and prosperity of his community.

Having a warrior’s attitude means that you will stand for what you believe in. You know the difference between right and wrong and have the courage to choose right. This is why wars are fought. There is an injustice and the warrior wants a better way. Your mindset guides what you do and how you do it. Therefore, having a warrior mindset means having a positive focus about your mission and demonstrating the appropriate behavior to back it up. Being a warrior is not about war or the act of fighting. It’s about an attitude and believing so strongly that you refuse to quit.

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  1. Excellent description of a Warrior’s attitude.
    It clearly depicted how I feel inside and how I have conducted my life in my family.
    Thx for sharing your interpretation!

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