Eight…nine…ten…..  Oh, hi, Juli Burney, humorist here with a moment of clear thinking.   Well, it is time to start my exercise program that I promised to start this morning.  Actually, it’s the same exercise program that I started a week ago on Monday, but I only made it until Tuesday.  Actually, I start this program every week (when I have time). Sometimes, I make it the entire week and, sometimes, I don’t; however either way I have accomplished something.   Setting goals, is a very important motivator for human beings and accomplishing that goal should and does receive great attention.  Yet, we seldom recognize people in progress on their goal.  For example, perhaps someone has gone back to college to complete a degree, or someone is cutting back on the extensive amount of coffee their drinking.  Don’t give them guff for not finishing before, or not cutting out caffeine completely.  Give them and yourself credit for being in progress.  I know I pat myself on the back whenever I take a step in a positive direction…like my morning exercises.  I am in progress!!! This is truly a moment of clear thinking…Excuse me…eleven…. twelve….

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