In partnership with NAMI of Des Moines, (National Alliance on Mental Illness), we are excited to bring you an 8-week speakers series that features some of the top motivational speakers in the country. Our next speaker will be Holly Hoffman this coming Wednesday.
Speaker:                           Holly Hoffman
Date:                                  Wednesday, April 22nd
Time:                                 12:00 Central (60 minutes)
Cost:                                  Free (Please share with friends, family and coworkers!) 
Sneak Peak at Holly
About Holly Hoffman
As Holly shares her experience of being on a reality show, she encourage you to think about how you decide to thrive to survive. Adversity is not so much contending with problems as it is learning more about who you are and how you are truly using your survival skills. Life is made up of challenges, and we are oftentimes faced with situations that seem insurmountable. But within each of us is an ability to focus our thoughts, emotions, and energy to succeed—if only we have the knowledge, tools, and discipline to do so. Holly inspires her audiences to take opportunities and focus on attitude, determination, confidence, desire, faith, and perseverance.
As we survive life’s challenges, we come face-to-face with fear and uncertainty. As leaders, we need to challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves above and beyond our own self-limitations. We are challenged every day, but it is how we choose to overcome challenges that make us who we are and how we develop our leadership skills. 
  • The importance of taking opportunities
  • How to deal with adversity and change
  • Understanding the value of relationships
  • Opportunities taken often let you see beyond your expectations.
  • Unforeseen opportunities often come from risk-taking.
  • We learn from risk, and those lessons may lead us to an important new path.
  • Embracing opportunities help you overcome a fear of failure

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