3 R’s to Abundant Living
By Tiffany Tokarz


Do you remember the last time you sat down, closed your eyes, took some deep breaths and day dreamed about all the possibilities life is presenting you?  In today’s busy society, the answer to this question for most people is, “No… I sure don’t, but it      sounds nice.”  As we rush around from point A to point B, we continue to push to do more – faster.  And even so, there still never seems to be enough time.  Quality has been replaced by quantity; joy has been replaced by haste.  And yet many people are so busy being busy, they do not even realize this is happening. 

This is why making time to reflect is not only powerful, but necessary if you want thrive and not just survive in this fast-paced and demanding world:  Reflection gives you the opportunity to release thoughts, behaviors and situations that are no longer serving your life either personally or professionally. It also gives you the opportunity to pinpoint exactly what it is you want out of life so you can prepare to receive it.

Reflection also prevents you from losing yourself in the shuffle.  When you make time to reflect, it stops you from making decisions that are not congruent with your authentic self.  This can save you from unnecessary pain and anguish.  Reflection can also save you from accepting “whatever is dished out” instead of taking full responsibility for the significant part you play in your life.  My clients do not accept the leftovers life dishes out.  And I don’t want you to accept the leftovers in your life either.
  Abundance is waiting for you…

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