21 Ways to Make Yourself More Memorable
by Arnold Sanow, MBA, CSP

Dale Carnegie who wrote the book, “How to win friends and influence people” shared how he won a major sale by making himself memorable in a positive way. While sitting at dinner he started talking with a gentleman at his table. The man at his table spoke for four hours while Dale Carnegie spoke for only about two minutes. After four hours the man stated to everyone, “Dale Carnegie is the best conversationalist I’ve ever met”. By being an active listener Dale Carnegie was not only portrayed as a great conversationalist, but the man instantly took a liking to Dale.

Since Dale was interested in him he was interested in Dale.

You too can make yourself memorable to everyone you meet. By following the guidelines below, you’ll not only be more memorable, but you’ll get more ¬†cooperation with co-workers, get more clients, keep them coming back and get enthusiastic referrals. Start these TODAY!

* Be interested, not interesting
* Introduce yourself to others. No matter where you are act like you’re the host. Be the first to say hello.
* Make an extra effort to remember people’s names. As Dale Carnegie says, “the sweetest sound to a person is their name.”
* Use eye contact and smile upon meeting someone. The best way to build rapport is through eye contact.
* Make everyone feel important by paying full attention to him or her. Former President Clinton is a master of this. When you talk to him, he makes you feel like you are the only person in the room.
* Show others that you are enjoying your conversation with them. Don’t yawn, look bored or have a case of roving eyes.
* Show curiosity and interest in others.
* Listen, Listen, Listen. You not only become more likeable, but you really start to understand the persons  wants, needs and desires.
* Be enthusiastic about things and life to others. People will gravitate to those upbeat, positive and cheerful people.
* Display your sense of humor. People remember humor six times longer than regular conversation.
* Be able to speak on a variety of subjects. Keep abreast of current events.
* Speak concisely. Be able to tell people what you do in a few short sentences.
* Speak their language. Talk in terms of their communication style. For example, if someone just wants the facts, don’t go into a lot of stories and anecdotes.
* Be tolerant of peoples beliefs if they are different from yours
* Invite people to join you for lunch, dinner and other social events
* Ask them for their opinions
* Don’t interrupt
* Have positive body language. Use the SOFTEN technique. S=smile, O=open posture,
F=forward lean, T=stay out of their territory, E=eye contact, N=nod to show understanding.
* Be yourself. Enjoy the conversation
* Give them more than they expect. In other words, underpromise and overdeliver.
* Compliment others about what they are wearing, doing, or saying, but be sincere.

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