21 Tips … 
Make Your Next Presentation Sizzle!
Practice… Practice … Practice —– live audience or before a video camera
Speakers commandment #1 – Don’t be boring
Smile as much as appropriate
Always arrive early — make sure everything works
Never go over the time you’ve been allotted
Always build pauses in your presentations – people need time to absorb your main points
Always pause after laughter
Follow the AT&T rule for humor: It needs to be appropriate, timely and tasteful
Use relevant stories – this is what people will remember
Have a strong opening and a strong closing
Always use your own style
The best speakers are having a conversation with their audience
Exaggerate your body language and expressions
Watch your language —- This is one time to be politically correct
Be careful talking about sex, politics and religion
Always volunteer to speak as much as you can
Be enthusiastic – People are more convinced by your energy, enthusiasm and conviction than by anything else.
Always look for ways to improve
Be sensitive to the audience’s wants and needs — look at body language and words
Make sure your appearance is appropriate for the group
Don’t let negative or critical feedback pull you down. Remember, it’s not personal

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