It’s safe to say that we’re ready to Unmask the Possibilities at the 2020 Speaker’s Showcase. Who will you find behind the mask that most intrigues you? Will it be someone uplifting you with their message while mask-querading as comedian? Will you see the heart of their message through their mask of innovator or leader? Or maybe you’re drawn to something that you can’t name or see. But you’ll know it when you feel it.

The 2020 Speakers Showcase has concluded and was held Tuesday, August 25, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa.  See below for photos from the event and check back soon for video recaps from each of our speakers if you missed the showcase!

Showcase Speakers

Anne Bonney

I work with organizations undergoing change to minimize team resistance so they can move through the discomfort of the transition while maintaining morale, productivity and profitability.

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Kristen Brown

Named a top 20 trailblazer in the meetings industry, Kristen Brown is a funny and empowering keynote speaker who helps busy professionals reinvent their leadership, sales, and performance.

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Michael Veltri

Leadership expert, nationwide bestselling author, & top-rated keynote speaker on a mission to fuel-inject leadership, business performance, and growth through better decision-making skills.

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Curtis Hill

Learn how to build a corporate culture that will use social capital to create a truly inclusive team, increase your bottom-line, increase retention and improve communication to your end customer.

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Jack Stahlmann

The Don’t Flinch Guy: A Professional Speaker, Huffington Post Contributor and an Expert on Making Meetings Way Less Boring

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Kris Covi

Nebraska’s Second Tallest Comic.

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Andrew Busch

During tough times, I give a calm, objective picture of the world that everyone can understand & feel confident about the future. I see opportunities to grow during turmoil and uncertainty.

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Keynote Speaker Matt Havens

Matt Havens

Matt Havens is on a mission to make your business human.  Experience a shift to put people first.

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Holly Hoffman

Motivate your team to be real world survivors through this life changing presentation.

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Deadra Stanton

Deadra Stanton will make you laugh until you cry.

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Nate Bailey

Nate Bailey – Speaker, Author, & Coach

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Steve Bench

Energize your event and get people talking with a hilarious and thoughtful generational differences session presented by a leading voice of the Millennial generation!

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Patty Hendrickson

Interactive leadership speaker inspiring people to take action, get traction and build momentum to move in the right direction. Patty engages people in building meaningful work.

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Jack Uldrich

A renowned global futurist and the best-selling author of 12 books

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