Devin Henderson shares with us how to be a good listeners using the S.O.L.E.R. method.

As we all know, listening skills are crucial in any area of business development, including client retention, effective management and increasing sales. Devin shares  a non-verbal listening process that he learned in college. The program was developed by Gerard Egan for his “Skilled Helper” to help with counseling.

S.O.L.E.R. is an acronym which means:

-S (Squarely) – Sit squarely to the person. Also, position yourself at a comfortable distance.

-O (Open) – Maintain an open posture. Do not cross your arms or fold your legs which convey a defensive attitude.

-L (Lean) – Lean in slightly. This shows interest and concern.

-E (Eye Contact) – Of course, maintain eye contact. I recall our teacher telling us that when you are the talker, it is okay to periodically break eye contact with your listener, but when you are the listener, you must maintain eye contact. I have found it takes practice to maintain eye contact without making the person feel as though you are staring at them.

-R (Relaxed) – Be relaxed. Being relaxed can help the talker relax. Likewise, appearing uptight can make the person feel uncomfortable.

 If you are trying to improve your listening skills and increase  your effectiveness in communication, try S.O.L.E.R

Want to know more about Devin?

Devin Henderson takes humor seriously. He has a funny way of helping people perform at their best by embracing their sense of humor. As an entrepreneur, father of 4, and a pain in the neck to the world’s most beautiful bride, Devin’s mantra is: “When life’s hard, laugh harder.” He shows people how humor can help them deal with change, stress, failure, difficult people, and the lint that collects on the shower floor after wearing a new pair of socks. Black socks. We’re talking real problems.

Devin has been making audiences laugh for over a dozen years. He has performed as a corporate comedian in all 50 states, except Hawaii, Alaska, and like 18 others. Devin has opened for comedians Sinbad and Mike Birbiglia and is a Certified Speaking Professional, which is like the black belt of public speaking. So don’t mess with him – his humor is lethal. He is also a self-published author. “Share Your Magic” is Devin’s best-selling book of all time.

Check out this special showcase video greeting from Devin Henderson!

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