We received a hundreds of newsletters from speakers. A majority of them offer insights into leadership, teamwork or communication. When I read Devin’s, it made me laugh! I think a lot of us can relate to his dilemma this time of year plus his reasoning for not wearing a fitbit!

If you just need a good laugh, read Devin’s article.

By Devin Henderson

It’s that time of the year where I go to the pool, take off my shirt, and think to myself, “Bad idea.” Guess it’s never too late to decide Papa John’s is better than looking good. All I can do is laugh at myself. I feel like I’m always trying to lose 10 lbs.

My friend suggested I wear a Fitbit. No thanks, the scale once a day is enough — I don’t need a constant reminder of my failures. And I don’t need to worry about getting steps in, I walk to Krispy Kreme every morning. Besides, I don’t think a Fitbit would be a motivator for me for some reason. I would just put the thing on “cheat day mode.” Every hour I would get reminders to be lazy. (Beep) “Time for a donut.” (Beep) “Time for a box of Twinkies.” (Beep) “Time to not go jogging.” People would be like, “Look at that guy, he has a Fitbit, but ain’t fit one bit.”

I’d get so big so fast I’d be down to the last notch on the wristband in no time. One more Big Mac and I’d need a Fit Big. Supersize that bad boy. I’d get so frustrated I’d be throwing a Fitbit. Okay, I’m out of Fitbit word plays.

Don’t forget to laugh. Laughing burns calories. Here are some tips for using humor to cope with the stress of fitness, relationships, work, and your neighbor’s dog doing his business in your yard…


·         Laugh at yourself.

·         Practice finding the funny in every situation.

·         Remember, there’s also a time to cry.

·         Don’t use gossip as a means for laughter.

·         Watch kids laugh and take notes.

·         Hang with people who laugh with, not at, you.

·         Don’t crack a joke if it’s gonna tick someone off.

·         Having a sense of humor is a choice.

·         When life’s hard, laugh harder!



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