Uncertainty is the operative word for the business climate in 2016.  It’s why audiences at events CRAVE experts who offer insights on what the world’s volatile mood swings really mean. Vikram Mansharamani and Geoff Colvin can provide your audiences with a perspective for the new year,  actionable insights and most importantly reassurance.

Vikram Mansharamani Recently PBS NewsHour published “16 Predictions for 2016” by VIKRAM MANSHARAMANI.  His predictions cover much of the political and economic news being made right now.  These flare-ups are the new normal, Vikram says.  He feels strongly that tracking the spikes and troughs too closely actually gets in the way of taking in the big picture.  He shows people how to take a step back and get above the noise in order to make better decisions about their business.

For more information on Vikram Mansharamani click here.

Geoff ColvinGEOFF COLVIN’s Fortune PowerSheet for Tuesday recapped the mess in the global financial markets spurred by the implosion in China.  But then Geoff focused on the way leaders and companies react to these disruptions in the marketplace — not the disruptions themselves.   The best leaders and companies win in tough times, Geoff says, by confronting reality as it is – and not how they wished reality would/could be. Colvin’s value to audiences is his ability to provide perspective when the path ahead looks anything but clear.

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