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Jonathan Edison

Electrifying speaker and best selling author that delivers high energy presentations and is known as the “Resiliency Expert”

James Lloyd

He magically engages listeners with his genuine down-home approach: a unique blend of timely humor, insightful knowledge, contagious enthusiasm, and personal sharing.

Randy Dean

Randall Dean, MBA, and author of the recent #1 E-mail Bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast and is experienced teaching an advanced time management & personal organization system

Brian Powers

Uniquely combining entertainment, education and humor to instruct, motivate and inspire your attendees.

Steve Sisgold

Author who directed a successful advertising and PR firm, was #1 of 500 salespeople in Konica Corporation.

Michael Roby

Expertise delivered with power and passion; you will see results!

Michelle Ray

“The Attitude Adjustor”… Expert in Workplace Motivation & Morale, Leadership & Multigenerational Specialist

George Hametis

Countless laugh-out-loud and heart-warming stories and lessons that stay with you long after he’s done speaking.

Brenda Elsagher

A comic, national speaker and author all rolled into one who brings laughter with a message.

Kevin Kush

Kevin Kush is widely recognized as an outstanding motivator, coach and teacher.

Juli Burney – Emcee

Multiple award winning teacher, humorist and author, Juli personifies humor as the key to effective communication strategies and positive environments.

Tom Mabe

Tom Mabe the comedian nationally recognized for getting revenge on those annoying telemarketers

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