Byrd Baggett
Byrd Baggett helps businesses deal with one of the most prevalent problems in today’s fast paced, high-tech world – disengaged teams.  Byrd’s mission is to reconnect teams by teaching them the skills essential to developing relationships that stand the tests of time and change. 
Rene Godefroy
A recognized authority on performance and change management, Rene has inspired thousands to stretch, push beyond their limits, and go an extra mile. His story of grit, perseverance, courage, and growth through change—one that shatters the ceiling of doubt and fear (of change)—touches the soul and rekindles the spirit.
Madeline Van Hecke
Madeleine Van Hecke, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker and author of Blind Spots: Why Smart People Do Dumb Things. She gives seminars on reducing negativity in the work place, handling stress, encouraging creativity and improving communication.
Marc Freeman
Bringing integrity to renegotiating is Marc Freeman’s passion. He renegotiates hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts all over the world. A recognized expert in his field, Marc has developed a unique, practical approach to renegotiating—Renegotiating with Integrity—based on the simple but profound principles of respect, honesty, creativity, and clear communication.
Ron Feingold
Ron Feingold is fast becoming a much talked about corporate performer. In one of the most unique shows around, Ron combines stand-up comedy and a cappella music singing ALL of the back-up and lead vocals HIMSELF!
Kent Rader
Kent Rader is a professional speaker, author, and comedian. He help companies and associations wanting to be successful by reducing stress through laughter.
Amy Dee Kristensen
For dynamic keynotes or empowering, interactive workshops Amy‘s hilarious and engaging style will energize your organization to create “Make It Happen” success.
Dean Lindsay
Dean Lindsay speaks on building Priceless Business Relationships and Becoming a Progress Agent. Dean believes there is an important connection between sales, motivation, solid customer care and leadership. All are achieved by effectively positioning yourself, your ideas, your suggestions, your solutions, your products, your services as PROGRESS in the other person’s mind.
Mark DeVolder
Dr. Mark DeVolder brings a specialist’s understanding of diversity to many different audiences. With a delightful sense of humor and outstanding story-telling ability, he delivers a motivational experience that is perfectly suited to particular needs and expectations.
Jeff Rendel
Jeff Rendel has one purpose in mind when working with you for your next meeting – Partnership. With a sharp understanding that, you, the meeting planner, hold numerous and diverse needs, Jeff focuses on helping you reduce aches, disentangle problems, and generate outcomes with your attendees.
Juli Burney (EMCEE)
An award winning teacher, entertainer and author, Juli makes an amazing connection with her audiences. She is able to entertain with the ability of a headlining comedian while either motivating or instructing with the ease of a topnotch motivational speaker.

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