11 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression by Arnold Sanow

First impressions are lasting impressions. People make up their mind about you in an instant. If you don’t come across in the “right” way it can destroy your chances of making a positive impression. As a result you may be perceived as less likeable, trustworthy or competent. And you will be less persuasive and influential. Here are some proven ways to instantly get everyone liking you!

1. Greet Everyone You Meet as if They were a Long Lost Friend. Enthusiastically greet everyone you meet. Treat them as “special” and give them your complete attention.
2. Appearance Counts. Wear what is appropriate for the people or group that you are meeting. Don’t be overdressed or underdressed. Always ask in advance what is the proper attire for the situation.  

3. Be Interested vs. Interesting. This is the key to popularity. As soon as you meet someone, ask questions about them vs. just talking about yourself.  

4. Smile. People are attracted to people in good sprits. A smile opens the door and makes you come across as likeable and approachable.

5. Give and Maintain Eye Contact. Immediately obtain eye contact with anyone you meet. It is the key to building rapport and connecting with others. The ideal time to keep your eyes on anyone is 3 to 5 seconds before glancing away. Make sure you don’t stare.

6. Play the Host. Be proactive and be the first to greet others. Smile, look them in the eye and give a firm handshake.

 7. Use the Other Persons Name. Dale Carnegie stated that the most important thing to another person is their name. Say their name throughout your conversation.

8. Listen More, Talk Less. You have two ears and one mouth. People love people to listen to them. Be one of the few who does listen and you will immediately gain their interest in you. 

9. Appreciate to be Appreciated. Make sincere compliments about their dress, awards, interests, hobbies or achievments and don’t be afraid to thank them. If you appreciate them, they will appreciate you.

10. Find Common Ground. Talk about things you have in common. If they ski, talk about your skiing adventures or if you grew up in the same area talk  about that. People like people like themselves.

11. Don’t be rude. Observe the rules of politeness. Books such as “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” provides tips on making the right impression and includes chapters, such as the top 10 acts of rudeness and Manners. 

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