11 Sure-Fire Strategies for Getting New Business to Come to YOU

1. Build up a critical mass of interest. Now that you’ve attracted people’s attention, you’ve got to KEEP their attention by being interesting. I won’t go into all the details here, but there IS a formula for becoming the most interesting person you know. Read it. Memorize it. Live it. How are you keeping yourself fascinating?

2. Be Shoulder Angel. Remember in the cartoons when the little devil/angel would appear on character’s shoulders? That’s you. (The angel, not the devil.) And your goal is to position your expertise in such a way that your fans wouldn’t DARE go into the marketplace without your opinion. Psst! Talk to me first! You whisper. On whose shoulder do you sit?

3. Give people a reason to talk about you. Think about the last five people you were compelled to tell others about. Why? What were the common attributes of those people that elicited your word of mouth? And then ask yourself, “How well do I LIVE those attributes in my own life?” Are you spreadable?

4. Enlarge your warm market faster. That means more people will have to know who you are, what unique value you provide and why that value will help them obtain more sex, money or happiness. So, that means more writing articles, posting more blogs, attending more networking events and delivering more presentations. That should keep you busy for a while. What’s the temperature of the majority of your sales calls?

5. Is your name on it? If it’s not, you suck at marketing. Period. How DARE you release anything into the world – your product, your art, your philosophy, your website – without christening it with the personal stamp of YOU. Remember: Your identity is your most valuable possession. And if you don’t make a name for yourself, someone will make one for you. What do people think when they see your name?

6. Your reputation is your client generator. Especially since people buy people first. So, the smartest and most effective marketing strategy in the world is to project uncracked character. To be an amazing person. To be a good guy to know. To make your life a work of art. Remember: Character is the great catchall. Start there. Everything should fall into line. Are you a character or do you HAVE character?

7. Look for reactions, not opinions. Opinions prove nothing. Plus they can be faked. Reactions – physical, bodily reactions – can’t. Because your body will never lie to you. So, when testing out a new logo, slogan, product or idea, watch and listen VERY closely to what people’s bodies are telling you. Their opinion might be saying, “Nah, your website doesn’t do it for me,” but their pulse and breathing patterns might say, “Where do I sign up!” Are you listening to the wrong response?

8. People go to Google to solve their problem. That means you need to be the answer TO, the cure FOR, the originator OF, the authority ON, or the first/best AT … something. What problem do you solve?

9. Polarize people purposely. If everybody loves your idea, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re not pissing off at least some people, you’re doing something wrong. And if some retired schoolteacher from Michigan tells you that your website is offensive – and she’s nowhere NEAR your target market – who the hell cares? Remember: Please only the people who pay. Do enough people hate you?

10. Stop being a secret. “Secrets, secrets, are no fun. Secrets, secrets, hurt someone.” Yeah – they hurt YOU. And your bottom line. Because anonymity is bankruptcy. Why are you still positioning your company as “The Best Kept Secret”?

11. Your customers are making music already. Your job is to listen to it, record it, memorize the words to it, learn the chords to it, and then rock their faces off using your product as the amplifier. Freeeeebiiiiiird! Who’s holding up a lighter for you?

How are you getting new business to come to you?

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