WOW! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE… It’s hard to believe that it has already been 7 months since our 2020 Speakers Showcase. In the last several newsletters, you’ve received updates on what the speakers have been up too since August. This is our final “edition” on the remaining showcase speakers. Take a look at the glowing testimonials that the speakers have recently received on their virtual keynotes!

Matt Havens:

“Your energy was the exact energy we needed to kick off a great event.  I could barely keep up with the comments, but my favorites were:

  • I HAVE to share this. I’m dying!
  • I can’t believe I’m laughing in a room all by myself!
  • Outstanding leadoff!”
  • You were the perfect start to our event!”

– SIM (Society of Information Management)


Holly Hoffman:

“I was so blessed to watch Holly’s virtual presentation and oh my goodness, it was SPECTACULAR!  I already knew what a great presentation Holly gives, but to bring it virtually with such power, personable, expressiveness and expert delivery without the dynamics of a live audience was absolutely masterful.  I felt she was embracing each one of us with caring and authenticity.  The background, lighting, sound and DELIVERY was perfect……Holly knocked it out of the park!”

“Recently I was a participant in a virtual presentation of Holly Hoffman’s. I had previously seen Holly speak in person and was anxious to hear her again as she is such a dynamic speaker! I was skeptical if a virtual presentation would be as satisfying as an in-person event but Holly knocked it out of the park, her speech is just as captivating over the web!  Holly’s unique and exciting experiences are enticing to any age group, gender or occupation.  I would whole-heartedly recommend to book her energy-filled and positive presentation for a conference, leadership meeting, fundraiser or school event.”


Nate Bailey:

“In all of the speakers that I’ve heard in my life, I feel like Nate is one of the most genuine. I feel he not only genuinely wants to share, to teach, and to mentor, but he also genuinely wants for every one of the people that hear him to get results. And he is willing to go the distance with you to help you get that. So I just highly recommend Nate. He is a passionate person, both in life and in business, and he is just willing to go the distance to make every event and every opportunity that he has to touch lives, something that will truly move the needle for each person he comes in contact.”

“Listening to Nate and his powerful story completely changed my perspective, but it also took away pretty much all my excuses. I am so grateful just for the experience. He is such a dynamic, powerful speaker. His story, if you have not heard it, you are missing out. Through the entire experience, I was able to understand really what I was capable of, like getting past my stories. Nate just has a way of translating things that you’re just like, “Why haven’t I been doing this all along?” So, thank you, Nate. Thank you for not only talking about it and for sharing your story and being authentic. But thank you for living it because you really are a testimony that if you really try and you put the effort, you can literally do anything.”


Patty Henrickson:

“Thank you Patty! For everything: the plan for us, the encouragement leading up to the virtual event, and for an amazing, seamless execution today!! What a perfect event that everyone loved! As always, you are amazing and your enthusiasm is infectious!

“You are AWESOME!!! I can’t tell you thanks enough for making our virtual Fall Conference a success. I still have advisers and students talking about how great it was.”




Steve Bench:

“I received very nice comments from superintendents. They found it thought-provoking and a helpful presentation. One supt. commented that he recently had an experience that this information would have helped him understand it better.”





For additional information on our 2020 Showcase Speakers or to watch the 12 speakers videso, visit our showcase page us at 515-974-8305 or email us to check on available dates.