“The Wingman – Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Never Fly Solo”

Known as The Wingman, Rob “Waldo” Waldman is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo.

A former combat decorated fighter pilot and sales manager, Waldo is an inspirational sales and leadership keynote speaker on building cultures of excellence, collaboration, and courage. Waldo demonstrates how individuals and organizations can break performance barriers and achieve success in highly competitive environments through disciplined training, dedicated teamwork, and passionate leadership. When you combine these elements with an attitude and corporate culture that embraces unwavering trust and commitment, then performance will sky-rocket!

The key to building a culture of trust and winning in business and life lies with your wingmen – those trusted and reliable partners who passionately support the team and help you to overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and achieve success. In business and life, you should never fly solo!

Waldo is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame – a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalsim, with less than 200 inductees to date. He overcame a lifelong battle with claustrophobia and a fear of heights to become a highly decorated fighter pilot with over 65 real world combat missions. His experiences both in the military and in business have taught him that success in business and life is not about combat. Rather, it is about collaboration, commitment, and courage.

Waldo’s captivating personal stories combined with dramatic jet fighter video footage encourage audiences to:

Prepare diligently for each mission, face challenges & change with courage, build more meaningful relationships, and maximize potential both in business and life!