Here is the second edition of our “What’s New with the 2020 Showcase Speakers!” See what’s new with Anne Bonney, Kristen Brown, Michael Veltri and Jack Stahlmann.

Anne Bonney: Anne shares her own hilarious, personal experiences in dealing with change. She weaves a message into each one to show us how to deal with our own challenges in life.
Testimonial: Very insightful. Anne did a wonderful job keeping the group engaged during a long presentation. The skills she discussed you could tell were also utilized for her own presentation. Anne’s energy level was fantastic. So knowledgeable and engaging.
“Anne Bonney couldn’t have been a better fit for our virtual Ladies Day Out! Her message on embracing change was perfect for our audience and facing today’s challenges. She professionally brought very high energy, and multiple ways to reach the audience while sharing a very inspiring and relatable message. And this was all through Zoom! We had a travel theme and Anne embraced it right along with us; we really enjoyed working with her!” ~ IMT Women’s Conference

Anne’s video clip from 2020 showcase, click here.

Kristen Brown: Kristen’s new program “Renew, Reconnect and Reenergize” is a great way to kick off 2021. She gives practical tips on how we can manage the daily stressors in our life, how to have more energy and how to reconnect with people in 2021.
Testimonial: Thank you again for the wonderful session this morning. This was a perfect way to start this week. I have honestly not stopped smiling since we got offline. Have a wonderful week. ~ Tasha

We have had so much positive feedback! She was awesome! It was like she was speaking to me. ~ South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources
Kristen’s video clip from 2020 showcase, click here.

Michael Veltri: When faced with having to make a difficult decision, it can be very challenging to figure out what the risks are with not deciding at all or making the wrong decision. Michael shares techniques to help when you are faced with planning in uncertain times.
Testimonial: “Michael Veltri recently spoke at our Project Management Institute (PMI) local chapter meeting. He provided our team with powerful and practical tips for improving our decision-making processes. He also challenged us with an action plan that could be implemented immediately with easy to follow steps. He was incredibly enthusiastic with passion for helping people, and even though we were meeting virtually, it was clearly evident during his talk.” ~ PMI Of Central Iowa 

Michael’s video clip from 2020 showcase, click here.

Jack Stahlmann: During Jack’s presentations, he will keep you wondering what in the world will he do next! His keen sense of humor will have you laughing throughout his whole presentation.
Testimonial: We have had great feedback from attendees regarding Jack’s session. His humor was perfect for our audience and he did an amazing job through a virtual format. ~ Iowa League of Cities 

Jack’s video clip from 2020 showcase, click here.

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