“WORLD RECORD – Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports – fastest time climbing High Points in each state. Teaches your audience what it takes to get to the top!”

Todd Huston died twice at the age of 14 when a boat backed over him, sucking his legs up into the propellers during a fateful 4th of July family vacation. Though they resuscitated him, infection plagued his right leg until he was 21, when he lay wide awake on the operating table as they fired up the saw and amputated it. He went on to become a psychotherapistin Southern California to help others overcome their physical and mental challenges.

But he was not all talk. He took his inspirational message worldwide by attempting the impossible – he wanted to be the first leg amputee to climb the highest elevation in each of the 50 states. And he wanted to do it faster than anyone else.

He shattered the world record by 35 days! This made him the only disabled person in the world to break an able-bodied world record in a sport.

Todd has appeared in thousands of newspapers and other media outlets throughout the world. His autobiography,More Than Mountains – The Todd Huston Story, was published and a movie screenplay has been written about his life. He has received numerous awards, including Ten Outstanding Young Americans. Henry Iba Citizenship Award, Energizer Hall of Fame, and the Red Cross Everyday Hero Award.

Todd is a positive and dynamic speaker with over 20 years of professional speaking experience for corporations, associations, education, and religious groups. He tells his amazing story with his interactive multi-media presentation that will inspire your audience to face and overcome their challenges so they can have personal and professional success.

Your audience will never forget the impact of Todd’s presentation, and will pass the story on to inspire others.