How do you become a great mentor to others in your organization? How do you use your expertise to guide the employees on your team? In Debbie Peterson’s presentation, she will show you how you can put this powerful tool to work for your organization. Get Clarity on all of the different methods that can be utilized in your organization as well as how to build a platform that gets your employees building relationships, growing business in your community, and creating consistent value for all involved.

Participants Will:

·         Dispel the myths of what mentoring is and what it’s not.

·         Explore methods that provide significant value for themselves as employees and their organization.

·         Identify what needs to be in place for a successful mentoring relationship to take place.

·         Discover multiple mentoring techniques to attract just the right mentor.

·         Create a mentoring plan to implement as soon as they return to work!

·         Tools to effectively transition into the Successful Mentoring Mindset in YOUR Organization.

About Debbie Peterson: Debbie is a Business Keynote Speaker, Career Growth Strategist, and Consultant who conducts programs for organizations that want their professionals to create a maximized mindset and accelerated results. When you have the right people in the right positions for the right reasons, your organization gets the right results.

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