“Using Technology, Social Media, & Marketing to Build Business Relationships”

Discover how you and your audience can use technology, social media, and marketing to build business relationships. You want your meeting to be a dazzling success. Terry Brock can help you achieve that goal as he has done for thousands of others since 1983. He is a true professional both on and off the platform.

You’ll find his professional, entertaining and courteous style to be refreshing.
Terry is a speaker who makes a difference for you and your people. You will be delighted to see how easy your job will be when you work with him. Your people will also find it highly informative and entertaining.

He has a background with an undergraduate degree in communications (radio, television, newspapers) and a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing. He brings this knowledge of practical, real-world experience to play for you, to make you look good and bring your people lots of learning and fun! Terry has worked with computers speaking professionally since 1983 in 35 countries and 50 states. He helps businesses use technology to gain a strong competitive advantage.

Your people will love his fun and entertaining style to make things different from a dull presentation. You will laugh, learn and enjoy as you listen to this master communicator.

You’ll also find that Terry works with you behind the scenes. He knows that there is a lot more to the meeting that the meeting itself. He’ll work with you and your people to tailor the program to your industry and market. He’ll be professional in every encounter. You won’t have to worry about things that you might with other speakers. As a board member of the National Speakers Association Terry is pledged to uphold the highest standards for professional speaking. You’ll enjoy the ease with which you can work with Terry.

Prepare yourself for an enjoyable, fun and power-packed presentation when you ask Terry Brock to be the speaker at your next event.