“Give your group a rare gift: a PhD speaker who combines motivation, unique content, and entertainment!”

From the U.S. to Australia, from high school classrooms to Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Tami West has helped organizations realize greater potential through insights gained from over twenty years of experience encouraging growth in others. Tami has learned, through personal experience, how to help others find solutions to their problems. As a child Tami developed severe anxiety disorder and depression. At the age of 30 she was hospitalized for panic disorder so severe she was unable to leave her home. She chose to change her life.

With her unique (and often hilarious) life story, Tami’s humorous, relevant and transparent approach will leave your organization refreshed, inspired, and challenged to navigate obstacles and excel, even in the most difficult situations. Her undergraduate degrees in science and education, as well as her doctoral research in human development, uniquely equip her to address the human factor that underlies the success of all organizations and individuals.

Dr. West’s publications include Life Without the Monsters, A Woman’s Guide to Personal Achievement and Professional Success, Discovering Happiness in a Stressful World, and Learning to Sleep. Her research-based publications provided a range of valuable information for individuals and organizations.