If you are looking for a speaker with a message that offers valuable insights and strategies that can help healthcare professionals thrive in both their personal and professional lives, ultimately leading to greater success and happiness, check out speaker Steve Fredlund!

His program is great for healthcare professionals for several reasons:

  • Understanding External Pressures: Healthcare professionals often face immense pressure from various external factors such as patient expectations, administrative demands, and societal norms. Understanding how these external pressures influence decision-making can help healthcare professionals navigate their careers more effectively and make choices that align with their values and priorities.
  • Implementing the “Big 5” Drivers: The program offers insight into the “Big 5” drivers of success and happiness, which are likely applicable to both personal and professional spheres. Healthcare professionals can benefit from learning about these drivers and how to incorporate them into their daily lives to enhance their overall well-being and job satisfaction.
  • Empowerment: By feeling empowered to implement these strategies, healthcare professionals may experience a greater sense of control over their lives, work, and leadership roles. This empowerment can lead to improved job performance, better patient outcomes, and increased job satisfaction.
  • Realizing Greater Agency: Recognizing one’s agency in life, work, and leadership is crucial for healthcare professionals who often face challenging situations that require quick decision-making and problem-solving skills. By realizing their agency, healthcare professionals can approach their roles with confidence and resilience, ultimately improving their effectiveness and satisfaction in their careers.

About Steve: Steve “Safari Dude” Fredlund has had profound impact as an actuary, humanitarian, coach, consultant, author, speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur and leader of African safaris. His research into happiness blended remarkably with his safari experiences, leading to his discovery that greater happiness in life may be found as we view it as an epic adventure; he calls this “The Safari Way.” Steve is a two-time TEDx speaker, fellow of the Society of Actuaries, and best-selling author of “Do the Unright Thing: Memoir of a People Pleaser.” When not working, he can be found on the disc golf course, at a poker table, or suffering through another season as a Minnesota sports fan.

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Comments from recent healthcare conference for nurses:

  • Steve is an amazing individual with awesome experiences to share and the way the stories relate to the lives of anyone is just amazing. He is definitely has the skill, talent, and compassion to provide motivation, encouragement, and an invitation to view our journeys through different lenses. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire presentation. Best ever! Steve, come back to West “Verginya” soon.
  • What a game-changer for me. I am the poster child of being a people pleaser. The struggle is real. This session helped me know that I’m not alone and gave me a plan, a 5-step plan, for changing my life and my trajectory. 
  • Life changing experience beyond my career but into my personal life so that I can focus and be a more present nurse at work because my personal life isn’t in the way. Happy life I want to share with others!
  • Interesting way to introduce self-realization. The session has intrigued me in finding “ME” and my “HAPPINESS”. I realize I have lost myself and the things that make me happy. The change will come!
  • This was truly an inspirational talk with many amazing details and advice that I wish I could share with all my colleagues, students, family and friends! 
  • He is one of the absolute best speakers I have attended at a conference. He was excellent!! 

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