We have an exciting opportunity to share with you. These three speakers will be presenting in Nebraska the week of September 5th.

If you are interested in having them speak while they are in the area, please give us a call at 515-974-8305.

Jerome Mayne

Jerome addresses the importance of business professionals doing the right thing by focusing on the people, their attitudes and what works to make sure the right decisions prevail in Corporate America. An ethical attitude is one of the biggest ingredients in preventing the loss of freedom and maintaining a strong corporate image.

Jerome tells his story of getting caught up in a white collar conspiracy that led to FBI investigations, federal court, and finally prison. His story is delivered in a gripping yet, entertaining fashion. He draws parallels to certain unethical behaviors that take place in the “business as usual” culture that exists in Corporate America today.



Thom Singer

What is the most significant benefit your audience will receive after participating in one of Thom Singer’s presentations? A list of actionable steps that will lead to a boost in business motivation and an increase in performance.

Not only will you find your audience captivated by Singer’s energetic and relatable speaking style, but your audience will leave the presentation with:

  • A renewed excitement about their potential as a businessperson
  • A refreshed perspective on how to grow their inner circle and make meaningful connections
  • A roadmap of steps to more community and collaboration



Steve Bench:

Steve Bench is the founder of Generational Consulting, which customizes keynote presentations and training sessions that deliver engagement strategies for attracting and retaining Millennials, empowering Generation X, capturing Boomer wisdom and cultivating future leadership by leveraging the strengths of each generation. Steve has shared his message with audiences across the country and has created a reputation for delivering light hearted, funny and thoughtful presentations that bridge generational gaps and deliver winning strategies for dealing with generational differences in the workplace. Steve’s most popular topic is “ATTRACTING TOMORROW’S TALENT WITH TODAY’S LEADERS”