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Energize your event and get people talking with a hilarious and thoughtful session on talent attraction and workforce retention presented by a leading voice of the Millennial generation!

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Steve Bench is the founder of Generational Consulting, which customizes keynote presentations and training sessions that deliver engagement strategies for attracting and retaining Millennials, empowering Generation X, capturing Boomer wisdom and cultivating future leadership by leveraging the strengths of each generation. Steve has shared his message with audiences across the country and has created a reputation for delivering light hearted, funny and thoughtful presentations that bridge generational gaps and deliver winning strategies for dealing with generational differences in the workplace.

Steve is also the creator of “The Pitch!”, a non-profit business contest that puts the next generation of workforce talent in charge to create a start-up company and make the perfect sales pitch! Teenage students learn business concepts, practice soft skills and networking and compete for prizes! Steve works with thousands of students each year and those young adults inform and inspire his presentations about generational change.

When not speaking or teaching, Steve spends his free time in gyms around the midwest coaching AAU basketball. 


This keynote session focuses on talent attraction and workforce retention by building understanding of who we are, how we were raised, and how each generation views “work” as a part of their identity.  Learn talent attraction and retention strategies to overcome generational differences and attract Millennial and Gen Z employees and keep them from leaving!  Adulthood has changed, and depending on my life stage, I might prioritize my lifestyle over my career… So how do you manage and motivate someone who may not be as committed to their job as previous generations?  This session will give you the answers!


This session focuses on Generation Z and discusses their life stage and decision making profile.  From staff we work with, to the members or customers we serve (and our kids!) this generation of young adults is growing fast. Topics include how Gen Z is different from Millennials, and how we can offer Gen Z the resources they need to be successful at work.  This session is guaranteed to improve your understanding of Gen Z and provide best practices for how to attract, retain and manage the youngest generation in the workplace.


The Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work. Some changes will be temporary and others will be permanent. So what will come back and what will never come back? Some employees may never want to come back!  And what happens to generational differences at work, when the workplace goes virtual?  This session will examine generational communications in a virutal world and will discuss how we can leverage the lessons we learned from working remotely in 2020-21 to position our organization for future success.  


Today’s workplace is at a generational crossroads unlike any other time in our nation’s history. As the Baby Boomers ride off into the retirement sunset, Generation X is left to manage an empowered Millennial generation raised with a new set of attitudes and expectations about their work-life balance. Steve tackles stereotypes and builds understanding through a fun and humorous approach that will energize your group and get people talking!

“Overcoming Generational Differences: The Millennial Mindset” focuses on management styles and your work culture, from the perspective of a Millennial employee. Learn ways to build a work culture that is attractive to young professionals, and learn management strategies to engage Millennial talent and keep them from leaving!