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Mitch Holthus (hole-tus) is the voice of the Kansas City Chiefs and is the longest tenured and most decorated play-by-play “voice” in franchise history. He was on the call of Super Bowls 54 & 57 when the Chiefs won their second and third Super Bowl championships. He also was on the call of Super Bowl 55 in February, 2021. 


Holthus is also the host of the Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider television show and the Chiefs rewind post game show featured on several digital platforms. In addition, he originates the “Minute with Mitch” radio and television series which is seen and heard in five states.  


Holthus is a member of the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the Kansas State University Athletics Hall of Fame and in June 2022 was inducted into the Missouri Broadcasters Association Hall Of Fame. As a result, he will be only one of three individuals in both the KAB and MBA Halls of Fame joining his former broadcast partner Len Dawson and the late Fred White. 


Holthus has won five Emmys for his video and on-line work by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 


In addition, Holthus is a past recipient of the Kansas City Sports Journalist of the Year. In 2018, he was listed with the Voice of the Royals Denny Matthews as one of the top 13 “one-two” play by play pairs in America by the Sports Broadcast Journal. He was also named the 2020 Missouri Sportscaster of the Year and has been the Kansas Sportscaster of the Year eight times. 


Power From Unexpected Sources

This presentation explores the “secret sauce” of the unprecedented 11 years of winning by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have made NFL history and shattered NFL and team records with consistent winning in an ultra-competitive environment. The Chiefs have done so in the fifth smallest market in the NFL. The strategies that have been employed to survive “flashpoints” and maintain a winning culture will be examined in detail. It is a practical “deep dive” that resonates with any company or association. Even if you’re not a football fan or sports fan, you will see practical approaches that reveal the energy and power that comes from sources that are always available but rarely resourced.

POWER from Unexpected Sources

Some traits of the “secret sauce” that has made the Kansas City Chiefs the winningest team in the NFL since 2013…This presentation explores concepts AND practical exercises to create a WINNING and PRODUCTIVE culture in a COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT!

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