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When meeting professionals need their audience inspired, motivated, and energized- Elizabeth McCormick is the answer!

Elizabeth is an in-demand Inspirational Keynote Speaker just named by Choicepoint Health as one of the Top 30 Motivational Speakers in the WORLD and is #5 on the list of “Leadership Experts to Follow Online.” She is a PROVEN Keynote Speaker and trainer bringing 13+ years of experience speaking at events around the World.

Elizabeth inspires audiences, sharing her pioneering and insightful aviation lessons learned in a dramatically memorable and action-oriented keynote presentation teaching your participants how to FLY a helicopter interactively.

YES-  they will really LEARN HOW TO FLY a HELICOPTER! 

With interactive, relevant, and customized content from her Aviation and Military training (then 8 years of business management and experience leading teams to back it up), Elizabeth can relate to your organization’s desired outcomes and relate her experience to your industry’s challenges and event objectives.

Your Audience will Leave with IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENTABLE STRATEGIES toward elevating their success! And to anchor the learning well beyond your event, Elizabeth also offers a $99 online course for your participants FOR FREE when you book her for your event.

“Elizabeth is an Experience Maker”

So much MORE than your keynote speaker, Elizabeth McCormick’s goal is to be a part of your conference attendees’ EXPERIENCE and a partner with YOU in the success of your event. Promotional Videos, social media buzz, and being easy to work with are all part of Elizabeth’s service.

A decorated US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick flew:
• Air assault
• Command and control
• Stabilizing Body Operations extractions
• Top-secret intelligence missions
• Transported upper echelon-level government VIP’s

     Elizabeth flew high profile missions for the US Army and presented mission briefings to Generals and upper-most-echelon governments officials (Generals, Governors, and even the Secretary of Defense) when lives were on the line. She knows what it means to perform under pressure. Now she brings this skill to your event to up-level your attendee’s performance with impactful action items.

     Elizabeth was trained in the US Army’s Safety School to contribute to her unit’s preparedness, readiness and improve their safety records. In addition to the Army Aviator badge, her many military awards include the Meritorious Service Medal and Humanitarian Service Medal. In 2011, Elizabeth received the US Congressional Veteran Commendation for her service to her country and community as a disabled veteran.


When transitioning from her military service to corporate management with her business leadership background including being an international contract negotiator, and commodity manager in purchasing and supply chain for global corporations. Her authority on Leadership, Sales, Safety, Military, and Veterans Issues is highly sought after with the media.

You may have seen Elizabeth on or in:
• CW
• Wall Street Journal
• Live on CNN for a segment on flying helicopter

Elizabeth’s personal development book, The P.I.L.O.T. Method; the Five Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself in Life, is a “must read” along with her 19+ business tip books in the Soar 2 Success series on leadership, business, and entrepreneurial topics. Bulk pricing is available on her books when 100 or more are purchased in advance of the event. 

Elizabeth averages 100+ virtual, hybrid and on-site engagements per year and is an in-demand motivational business success speaker who will customize her presentation and brings a celebrity experience to YOUR event. Elizabeth inspires audiences, sharing her pioneering and insightful aviation lessons learned in a dramatically memorable and action-oriented keynote presentation teaching your participants how to FLY a helicopter interactively.

She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) and a Certified Virtual Host (CVH), and is a LEADER of Speakers having served as the Leader of National Speaker’s Association’s Women’s Division “Power Women” for over 2 years, and currently serves on the Board for National Speakers Association of North Texas as President-Elect and will be President in 2022-2023.

Trained by John Maxwell and the John Maxwell Team, Elizabeth has learned from the #1 Leadership expert in the world and is a premier leadership trainer and top performing founding member of this program.  In June 2021 Elizabeth was named to the Faculty of the John Maxwell Team of speakers, teaching technology, sales and keynote speaking philosophy to over 30,000 speakers world-wide.

Elizabeth is a dynamic and energizing presenter sought after for events around the world motivating corporations, associations, and organizations- why not YOURS?


When you book Elizabeth for your event, you’ll receive customized content and SO MUCH MORE…

• Most speakers will schedule a conference call with you prior to the event and customize their content. Elizabeth does this and so much more…..
• Seeking more registrations? Elizabeth will shoot a customized video just for your event to embed into your registration page or include in your emails. Having this video has proven to increase registrations and average of 13% and up…
• Want your registered attendees to feel special? “I can’t wait to see you!” Elizabeth will also shoot a customized video just for your event thanking your attendees for registering and sharing a few of the exciting things they have in store – whatever you provide!
• Composing newsletter or blog content? Elizabeth will provide a blog post/newsletter article on a topic of your choice.

• Some speakers just show up, and some even show up right before their speaking time and leave shortly after.
• Creating an experience for your attendees? Elizabeth is willing to stay for your entire event (as requested and additional charges may apply for additional days). Attendees LOVE being able to connect with the keynote speaker before and after they speak. Elizabeth will wear her flight suit (unless requested otherwise) and be available in a designated place for pictures, autographs, and book sales. She is friendly and personable with your attendees.
• Have VIP’s? Top performers? Give them an additional perk of being seated with Elizabeth at a meal, or special meet and greet time during the event. Have a charity you’re supporting during the event? Auction a seat at the table with Elizabeth or front row seating during her keynote. Elizabeth will work with you to ensure attendees feel special.
• Add a personal touch? Autographs, photo opportunities and personal Q & A time.
• Elizabeth is often chosen as the “CLOSER” keynote to energize audiences, empower individuals, and anchor objectives; Elizabeth plans on staying as long as it takes. Every attendee who would like a picture taken with Elizabeth, will leave with one!

Elizabeth is just as genuine in the hallway as she is on stage!” ~ Ilda G. event attendee

• As you know, just because the event is over, doesn’t mean it’s over…
• What worked? What needs improvement? Elizabeth will be available for a post event call to after action review the event. What keynote message really resonated with the attendees? What message could use more emphasis?
• Emphasize objectives! Elizabeth will shoot a short training video emphasizing one lesson or message. This can be for the attendees, or to send to those who were unable to attend.

Elizabeth truly connects with your audience throughout your event
and makes her time at your event an “EXPERIENCE” for them.

Why wait? Book Elizabeth Now.

• Opening Keynote Speaker – Get your audience warmed up and responding for the rest of the conference
• Closing Energizing Keynote Speaking – Anchor the learning to extend beyond your event
• Association Conferences and Conventions – Tired of the same old same old? Elizabeth energizes and inspires!
• Leadership Team Meetings – a simple framework for leadership to help leaders at all levels lead higher
• Sales Kick-Off Meetings – Increase rapport and connection to increase revenue and sales
• Safety Stand Down Events – Inspire greater emphasis on safety outcomes, attention, and focus
• Off-Site Retreats – Facilitate your learning outcomes with interactive presentations for smaller groups
• Business Seminars – With a Focus on Leadership, growth, and business development
• Women’s Conferences – Overcoming obstacles and empowering women just by being who Elizabeth is
• Youth Assemblies – With Confidence Boosting strategies, Elizabeth teaches resilience and confidence strategies
• College Conferences – College students, alumni events, Leadership conferences need Motivation too!

Anywhere you need an audience inspired, motivated, energized!
Your Audience will Leave Empowered!


30 min to 90 min keynote, can be expanded to up to a 3-hour workshop and customized for individual personnel performance

Most Requested Motivational And Entertaining Keynote
perfect for an OPENING or CLOSING keynote or her favorite spot -the dreaded AFTER LUNCH spot! Applicable for any industry or event. Most easily customizable for your event’s outcomes and organization’s objectives.

Former US. Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares the professional and/or personal development secrets for success with her stories of overcoming overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot while inspiring YOU Soar 2 Success!

In a 60 minute presentation, you will leave knowing how to:

Unlock the key to boosting YOUR confidence, elevating your effectiveness with customers and co-workers (even your family!)
Interactive- out of the seat exercise to prove the power of language on your personal power and your impact on those around you
Discover the #1 success principle while learning to FLY a helicopter (YES REALLY!)
Leadership- CAN Leadership a simple framework to greater levels of leadership with prioritization and delegation strategies
Soar to a higher level of advancement through influencing others to lead
Confidence Boosters:

How do you shore up your resolve, positivity, and energy for the repeated negativity that exists in today’s world? Create an invisible suit of armor between you and the No’s so it doesn’t affect you. And you can implement your mission effectively.
FLY to a Mission of Excellence:
Instill confidence, which drives greater competence into a mission of excellence. Your organization is not AVERAGE! No one wakes up striving for AVERAGE. Inspire excellence through small improvements of focus and attention.
The Personality Styles of Sales:
You’ve heard of DISC personality and communication styles? AS a human behavior expert, in a longer 2 hour+ presentation- Elizabeth will train your team how to best connect and increase rapport for better communication.
Who is on your Flight Crew:
Team-building and trust. It takes more than just the pilot to fly the mission. Who are the other team members, vendors, suppliers, and internal team members who make the safety happen, yet, don’t work for you? Showing a greater level of appreciation will inspire better behavior. What gets rewarded gets repeated.


Format: 1 hour to a 90-minute presentation can include the following Customizable

Perfect for a Sales Kick-Off Meeting or quarterly sales event


Strap into your Seats for Elizabeth’s Motivational, Energetic and Entertaining Sales Keynote Presentation. This Most Requested Topic is Customizable to YOUR professional development outcomes.

SOAR your SALES Former U.S. Army Black Hawk Pilot now #5 on the list of Leadership Experts to follow online, Motivational Speaker Elizabeth McCormick, shares professional development and sales secrets for business and life with her stories of flying missions as a helicopter pilot, creating an experience for YOU while inspiring YOU to Soar Your Sales!

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock the key to tapping into your innovation and leading your industry
  • Discover a high-performance principle while learning to FLY a helicopter (YES, REALLY!)
  • The #1 question to ask to know how to close prospects
  • Soar to a higher level of advancement by influencing others to lead

Key lessons (each with an aviation-related story):

  • Potential Zone vs Comfort Zone – Be open to new ideas and tapping into your curiosity and the #1 question to ask when you’re faced with resistance
  • YOU CAN! An out-of-your-seat interactive experience demonstrating the impact your language (verbal and non-verbal) can make on your CULTURE.
  • Learn to Fly a HELICOPTER (YES, REALLY) relating the multi-tasking of business life
  • Practice Makes… (not Perfect) Permanent (be more present and intentional)
  • Sales specific- leave with a better understanding of the 4 personality styles and how they need to be closed. Know the one question to ask to know how to best communicate and close your prospects. Understand the rapport ladder and the two different ways to earn and retain trust.
  • Leading from where you are – the story of a near helicopter crash! (mesmerizing and empowering!)


Format: 2 hour Keynote

A Motivational Safety program to inspire your team to greater awareness and attention in their work. 

Stay Alert- Stay Alive: The precision, attention, and quick-thinking in the Pilot’s Seat

Former US. Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares the professional development secrets for a safer work environment with an increased level of alertness.  

You will leave knowing how to:

  • Unlock the key to boosting YOUR confidence, elevating your effectiveness and willingness to speak up when unsafe conditions arise
  • Discover the key success principle while learning to fly a helicopter (YES REALLY!)
  • Increase rapport and buy-in with your co-workers and team members 

OPTIONS for Customization in the middle section of this presentation:

  • Leadership-  CAN Leadership
  • Effective Team Building:  Who is on your Flight Crew?
  • High Performance:  Optimal Performance
  • Interactive- out of the seat exercise to prove the power of language on your personal power


Format: 2 to 5 hour – Workshop Training based on the Best Selling Book by the same name

The P.I.L.O.T. Method: The 5 Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself and Others Elizabeth McCormick shares her Aviation stories from her time as a Black Hawk pilot in the US Army into a “tactical and practical” interactive and hands-on presentation:

  • P- POTENTIAL: How do you look within to set better intentions for your day and not allow the changes in your environment and the attitudes of others to influence your attitude? Discover and believe in your potential.  Your confidence leads to competence that you build on toward a mission of excellence.
  • I- IMPLEMENTATION:  What if your focus was honed to a laser edge to allow you to get more done? Learn the skills to systemize your prioritization, understand the neuroscience behind multi-tasking and the strategies to combat overwhelm. 
  • L- LEADERSHIP: Why make it complex? Simplify leadership with C.A.N. principles- Communicate, Aviate (Action) Navigate (being clear on your desired outcomes).
  • O- OPTIMIZE: When you find a higher level of performance that is maintainable and sustainable (OPTIMAL), this improves your resilience factor and everything else.  Learn how!
  • T-  TENACITY: Not giving up.  Through a story of a FEMA mission during a natural disaster, Elizabeth shares the near-crash experience and the lesson learned that you could apply to your life and in your job/organization immediately and every day.