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An award-winning Keynote Speaker who creates experiences which engage people, changes attitudes and behaviors and gets results. Whether it's live or virtual!

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As a Keynote speaker with over 25 years experience, organizations and individuals hire Amanda to help people reconnect to what really matters – the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in business and life.

If you want better leadership, team performance, customer service, sales or bottom line, Amanda can help. Her presentations will focus on:

• How to change people’s behaviors,
• How to create environments in which people can be the best they can be and
• How to help people believe in themselves.

Presented in an entertaining way that has the whole group interacting and involved Amanda Gore will create an experience and skill base that changes the whole group dynamics of your conference and that people will remember and talk about for years.

Amanda believes success in business is always about feelings – the the way we feel about a product, organization or person influences how we behave and informs our decisions about how we spend or who we conduct business with.

Our perceptions determine our feelings which directly affect our behavior. Until we change our perceptions, we won’t change our behavior.

Amanda changes perceptions. And feelings.

To date, her clients have included Million Dollar Round Table, Wells Fargo, TD Canada Trust, BMW Group, McDonalds, MetLife, Crate and Barrel, Westpac, and hundreds more.


The last two years has taken its toll on everyone! Bathed in uncertainty about EVERYTHING, our physical, mental, emotion and spiritual wellbeing has been seriously impacted. Many of us are living with fear, unmotivated, anxious, stressed and feeling burnt out.

This keynote or training is geared around the new skills required to rise up out of the exhaustion and fear and rediscover the joy of living. Simple, easy to do activities and ways to change our mindsets and perceptions will help your team build resilience and leave them with an inner compass! This inner compass will be the way people can navigate their way back to feeling energised and enthusiastic about life again.

Our inner compass can help us:
• Re-calibrate relationships and re-imagine joy
• Re-energise and re-align your team
• Re-inspire, re-focus and re-store meaning
• Re-ignite confidence and enthusiasm
• Reconnect hearts – virtually and physically
• Stay sane and even thrive while navigating an uncertain future

We have never experienced a time like this before. Mental health issues are skyrocketing. Fear and uncertainty are undermining people’s health, work and relationships – We are re-examining what JOY (and living) actually looks and feels like – and what really matters to us.

Now, more than ever, we need to re-consider everything that is going on and educate people about different perspectives and give them the skills to deal with the ‘uncertain and constantly changing new normal’. And also to give them a good laugh! Which in itself changes physiology.

To keep teams connected, motivated and maintaining a sense of purpose and belonging is challenging in good times when everyone is physically present. 

It’s a whole new world working these days, returning to work, hybrid offices, work life balance, burnout, juggling children and working from home and being disconnected physically from others. 

I designed this material to address all the above issues and re-store some sense of control in people no matter where they are. And to establish the deep connections people are craving.

This whole experience can be seen as a time of devastation and depression – or it can be seen as an opportunity to do many things that can make positive changes in our lives, and the choice is ours. This keynote gives you the tools and mindset to choose wisely.

Other Aspects Amanda Can Incorporate…

–  Re-activate our full human potential and our humanity

–  To fill us with life force

–  To fully engage in life and living

–  To re-create the life we really want

–  To re-engage us with our passion, meaning and purpose at work

–  The choice is ours. This keynote gives you the tools and mindset to choose wisely

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You were born with the capacity for joy! Science shows us that by the time you were 7, your pure ‘operating system’ of love and joy was infected with viruses, malware, apps and other people’s programs! Joy at work boosts sales by 37%, increases productivity 31%, reduces errors 18%, burnout 125% and boosts chances of promotion 40%. Joy matters!

Your brain can be rewired for joy. This session teaches you how. It includes how to stop stress killing you; how to be resilient; how to be your best version; how to re-focus on what matters, and take responsibility for your choices and behaviour!

Everything in business is about feelings. Trust, empathy, confidence, cooperation, collaboration, leadership, responses to change – these are just some of the elements (feelings) that create a great culture and team.

This keynote is aimed at helping people feel good about themselves – which changes the way they interact with everyone else – colleagues, clients and family.

Amanda presents profound concepts, in an entertaining way that:

– Changes people’s perceptions of themselves and others
– Engages and energises
– Gives them specific strategies to bust stress, lead more effectively, fear less, deal with change and collaborate

Amanda will cover the latest new sciences of stress, epigenetics, emotional intelligence and neuroscience – which will not only show you how to reduce the impact of stress, but also how to change your reactions to it permanently!

Did you know that what people believe about stress or stressful situations is the 15th biggest killer of humans in the USA? But it is potentially a source of great resilience, productivity, engagement and courage when handled correctly. It’s time to get real about what is really causing our stress.

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People have not fundamentally changed for a thousand years but science has. The ‘operating system’ of a human is not binary based! It’s more like quantum computing and runs on feelings. Learn new, neuroscience based practical skills and strategies to re-engage your sales force in a way that leaves everyone feeling recharged and resilient.

Using Amanda’s signature experience creating, humour loaded yet fact filled style, people will walk away thinking differently about sales and how they interact with others.

Transforming sales results begins with transforming our thinking, perceptions, actions and choices. Knowing precise ways to interact with others to prove that we are competent, trustworthy and safe (a feeling) is required for top performance.

Learn new, science-based ways to:

– Be resilient and keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic

– Develop a modern sales mindset

– See customers as partners in business

– Listen properly (hardly anyone does)

– Connect non verbally (instantly)

– Establish life long relationships (in a short time) that create advocates not just customers

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Did you know that science shows us 95-99% of the time we are literally UN-conscious of our thinking and beliefs? Only 5% of the time are we present and really aware of what is going on inside us! The stories we tell ourselves i.e. what we are thinking literally creates our life, performance and relationships. This session teaches how to change your thinking/story – which changes the life you create – at work and home!

The major disruptor to collaborative teams, joy filled workplaces and high performance sales and service is ‘stinking thinkin’ as Zig Ziglar used to say!

One energy sucker will bring the whole group down.

Beliefs, the stories we tell themselves about ourselves, our colleagues, customers, bosses and the company determines our feelings and behaviour. Our beliefs control our nonverbal communication which affect all relationships. Our beliefs determine the culture we create around us and the unconscious choices we are making every moment.

It’s time to remember we control our thinking and we choose to make conscious choices or not.

This session can change perceptions, relationships, personal accountability, enthusiasm, engagement, energy and culture. But wait – there’s more! It can also help people adopt a more positive approach to change. While they laugh.

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You are not your mindset – but your mindset creates your life!

Understanding mindsets and mindfulness literally changes your brain and improves performance, leadership, decision making, creativity; reduces anxiety, stress, depression and reactivity; they increase energy, wellbeing and makes you happier. This session will show you simple ways to stop being mindless, be more present, more effective – and more joyful!

Being mindful is ‘waking up’ – about becoming more conscious – and living more consciously – which is one of Amanda’s core themes. Most of us are running on habits and patterns of thinking from our past! We don’t even know those patterns are subconsciously programming our present.

Think driving a car. How mindful were you in your first few lessons? Now, how often do you arrive home and you don’t even know how you got there – yet you were driving the car! This is a common theme with anything we learn – we are mindful in the beginning and then we become mindless!

The difference between a growth mindset and a fixed one is the difference between a joyful life and a stressed, unhappy one; between a joyful team and a disfunctional one; a great culture or a toxic one.

Here are 3 things you can do to be mindful not mindless.

1. Observe your thinking! 

2. Question rather than assume! 

3. Reframe and find gratitude.

This is one of the practical skills discussed  – Observe your ‘mind state’ all day today – with the goal in mind of becoming aware every time you are mindless! Every time you are not present. Every time you are trapped in a pattern of thinking from the past that creates fear. Then STOP – OBSERVE – QUESTION to become mindful again. Be the one who is mindful of their mindset!

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New research shows us what we believe about stress decides if our bodies react negatively or not. Our perceptions rule our reality and in part, create our environment. How we think about life balance also determines the physiological and psychological impact.

The Joy Formula is a simple and easy way to review important aspects of our lives and become aware of imbalances that then allows us to make a plan to improve that balance – or at least, make us feel we have a sense of control over our lives!

‘Busy-ness’ is the new ‘disease’ impacting almost everyone. Rushing and having the perception (and reality) of ‘too much to do’ can destroy mental clarity and physical health. Constant social media comparisons and addictions don’t help.

Understanding the 3 possible stress responses and channelling them in the right way changes everything! How we feel, how we respond to those events and how others in turn respond or react.

Amanda will discuss The Life Pizza which is a simple and easy way to review important aspects of our lives and become aware of imbalances in areas that are most important to us, and what areas we put most of our attention on – which then allows us to make a plan to improve that balance.

This is an engaging experience that sends people out of the room laughing and determined to balance their ‘life pizza’!

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Public speaking is listed higher than death for many people!Amanda has been an internationally acclaimed speaker for 30 years by continuously studying and upgrading her group dynamic skills. She is one of 4 international speakers inducted into the speaker hall of fame in the USA.

When we speak – there are 2 levels to consider. One is the content which must be relevant, appropriate and interesting. The other – the magic – is the process. The process is the way in which the messages are delivered and it is the ‘difference that makes the difference’.

It’s the magic that makes the content memorable; it creates the experience and the environment that allows people to make the changes they want to. It inspires. It entertains. It is the difference between a brilliant impact and a mediocre, forgettable one.

Learn some of this magic and practical skills to increase your influence when you deliver an idea or present; to improve how you deal with challenges and overcome objections non verbally; and to increase your confidence so you actually can enjoy presenting to a group of people – no matter what size.

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Change and stress go hand in hand. Learning about how the brain actually can and does change (neuroplasticity); that adults learn more quickly than children; and that our brains need change to stay vibrant and alert transforms the way people perceive change. This means instead of being a stressor – change can be welcomed as an opportunity to grow and develop – and live, fully alive, longer! 

This is a fun session designed to:

  • Address todays tough economic climate.
  • To put things in perspective.
  • Have people refocus on what’s important.


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Do you wonder if the opposite sex really does come from another planet?

Are you frustrated because you have no idea how your partner thinks and there is no logic to what they say or do?

Do you just wish they were just more like you?!

Amanda will show you how to bridge the communication gaps between men and women – without wanting to slap them! Using science, experience and her mothers wisdom Amanda will give you strategies that work – and make you laugh! 

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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system which doesn’t sound relevant to leadership – but as leaders and team members are humans, our nervous systems control pretty much everything in our bodies, so linking the two is important!

A leaders job is three fold:

1. to create an environment in which people can be the best they can be (lined to the nervous system which affects performance, creativity, innovation and happiness)
2. to help people believe in themselves
3. to change people’s behavior (and yes, neuroscience shows us it’s possible)

We might think the nervous system is just the brain – but the heart and stomach have millions of ‘brain’ cells (neurons) in them – so you ‘think’ and feel with your heart and gut as well! All leadership – or sales or customer service or team work or culture – is based on feelings. How you feel about yourself …and how you make others feel.

This session blends latest findings in neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and some common sense in a really funny way – we promise you will laugh! But wait, there’s more, it is full of relevant information and skills that will help you be a better leader – whether that role is part of your title or not!

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