“Shawna is the ONLY sales speaker who brings insider knowledge from 20 years on the B2B buyer side. She reveals what motivates today’s buyers, from her research of a $5B buyer association she founded.”

What do you want your audience, your sales force, or your association members to do differently? Do you want to just entertain them for an hour, or empower them to grab onto the future and masterfully adapt to what’s coming?

Sessions so engaging, participants actually put their devices away! Shawna helps sales and marketing audiences understand todays evolving Buyer, and how to engage prospects more effectively.

Today’s audiences crave real solutions to address their frustrations and empower their goals. The world is evolving so rapidly, technology is barreling forward faster than most can keep up, and we live in a culture where buyers are ignoring sellers and distrusting businesses like never before. Shawna’s sessions will help attendees embrace the tools and the mindset to engage better, build more profitable businesses, and still have a life!

Shawna is known as The Buyer Insider, because she’s the only Sales Speaker telling it like it is from a customer perspective. She shares 20+ years of experience as a million-dollar buyer, combined with extensive research into consumer behavior. She discusses the rapidly changing consumer culture, the impact of technology (for tech lovers and the tech-hesitant), and how businesses can leverage current trends to be more successful.

The bottom line is this: Shawna can help your audience break through the noise, gain the tools to reach the right people, and create lasting, profitable relationships with less time and frustration.

If you’re looking for a memorable, engaging speaker that will get participants connecting and collaborating, hire Shawna. Her sessions have been voted “Session of the Year,” garnered near-perfect scores at most events (really!). Most of all, she’ll get your participants of all experience levels to interact and create their own outcomes. She doesn’t do ‘boring’! If your audience wants more than a talking head – someone who will capture and hold their attention, choose Shawna.

Here’s a little about her:

Shawna Suckow has been a sought-after speaker for several years, and has spoken on five continents. She’s a two-time best-selling author, including her latest book, ‘Don’t Become Extinct – Join the Sales Evolution!’ Honors include being named to the list of Global Top 100 Women Speakers in Business & Tech (alongside Hillary Clinton, Lisa Ling, Marisa Mayer and others), one of M&C Magazine’s ‘Planners’ Favorite Speakers of the year (alongside James Earl Jones!) and one of the Top 8 Speakers of the year by MeetingsNet.

Her mission:

1) To bridge the communication gap between customers and salespeople, to make the entire buying and selling process easier for everyone.

2) To help planners in their quest to make meetings more engaging and meet the evolving needs of participants. All her sessions showcase high audience engagement.

3) To help small businesses understand how to leverage limited resources to market themselves uniquely and effectively to today’s customers.

She’s a Colorado native who has lived in Minnesota since 1999. Personally, she thinks she’s hilarious, but her kids don’t agree.