“Energize your meetings and organization with meaningful, memorable, actionable content. Laugh from your toes… Lead from your soul… Serve from your heart…”

Want to create lasting relationships with your customers and coworkers? Want people to experience the best your organization has to offer? Want them to come back for more-and bring their friends too?

Hospitality expert Robin Getman gets the job done. With more than 20 years experience in training and management, Robin speaks frankly about workplace experiences people can relate to. Robin’s expertise is on the mark and immediately relevant in today’s work environment:

  • Service that soars.
  • Communication that connects.
  • Laughter that helps.

Your organization with handle even the most challenging situations with finesse and professionalism. Laugh and learn as Robin demonstrates how to relate to customers and coworkers with purpose, passion and personality.

Robin’s hallmark is her humor and broad experience: managing three of Minnesota’s favorite restaurants, teaching two Minnesota governors’ staffs how to deliver “service” as “hospitality”, administering a $12 million operating budget with a staff of 600 supervisory, union and student employees, and delivering five moderately funny (and gut-wrenching) performances as a standup comic.

Give your next meeting a swift kick in the can’ts. Entertaining, informative and inspirational with a gift for injecting humor to reinforce a powerful message, Robin thinks on her feet, delivering programs that are pertinent, memorable and uncommonly fun.