Ray Cole is Hall of Fame broadcaster whose career spans five decades. As president and chief operating officer of Citadel Communications Company, he has held leadership roles on the boards of the ABC-TV Affiliates Association, National Association of Broadcasters, Television Bureau of Advertising and Broadcasters Foundation of America. Ray has been recognized for his leadership in the broadcasting industry and his contributions to the community at large, including being presented the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award in July, 2019.

Throughout Ray’s presentations, he shares insights into the “winning” traits, qualities and attributes identified by a few of the “winners” profiled in, or interviewed for, his book, Hangin’ with Winners. Each presentation can be customized to focus on any of the individuals profiled and/or the lessons shared throughout the book.  


·         ‘Character’ as a Foundational Trait

·         Being Motivated and Confident

·         Showing Determination and Grit

·         Accepting Failure and Embracing Adversity

·         Remaining Curious  

·         Never Being Satisfied

·         Displaying Optimism and Gratitude

·         Discovering What Matters and the Right Work/Life Balance

·         Mentorship

·         Giving Back


Book: Hangin’ with Winners: A Lifetime of Connections, Anecdotes and Lessons Learned

What makes a winner? Sure, it’s a vague question. But one that’s essential for highly driven and motivated individuals to ask. And it often takes a lifetime of experiences to find answers. Iowa author Ray Cole, a television broadcasting executive whose Hall of Fame career spans five decades, explores this question and brings together a wealth of knowledge in Hangin’ with Winners: A Lifetime of Connections, Anecdotes and Lessons Learned. Cole and co-author Rob Gray interviewed titans in all kinds of industries and places – television, politics and philanthropy – and compiled their thoughts on “winning” and success. Read stories about, and advice from, acknowledged winners like Bob Iger, George Bodenheimer, Diane Sawyer, Bob Woodruff, Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Ted Koppel, Dick Vitale, Jay Williams, Michael J. Fox, Jimmy Kimmel and more, as well as extraordinary Iowans like Gov. Robert D. Ray, Gov. Terry E. Branstad and William Knapp. A must-read for anyone looking to ascend in their own careers and lives, this book is filled with valuable information about how to roll with the punches and find success. You’ll leave inspired, ready to tackle any challenge and prepared to chart your own path to becoming a “winner.”

The book has been featured on Good Morning America, The View, Tamron Hall, the Jimmy Kimmel Book Club, ESPN and the Chris Fowler Who You Got? Podcast.

Video Clips:

Tamron Hall:   https://youtu.be/A15v5SpBX3M 

Good Morning America: https://lnkd.in/dSsZuKxW 



“Ray Cole is an ‘All-American.’ He’s the real deal: authentic, curious, generous, experienced and filled to the brim with integrity which is why people love to hear his stories.”
~Bob Iger, former Chairman & CEO of The Walt Disney Company and author of The Ride of a Lifetime


Ray’s presentation had a strong impact on our team here. He is very generous to share his interesting and fun stories about what he has learned in his outstanding career. I recommend other companies consider inviting Ray in to share the important lessons he has learned about ‘winners.’ By the way, we purchased his book for all of our associates and all of the proceeds go to amazing charities and foundations – to help others!”
~Larry Taylor, Chairman and President, Merchants Bonding Company


“Ray participated in our senior management retreat where he made a fantastic keynote presentation. Not only is he a man of uncommon wisdom, but Ray has a knack for connecting with his audience right from the beginning of any program. He knows how to walk into a room and win over every person in short order.”
~Suku Radia, CEO, Bankers Trust (retired)


“It has been my great privilege and pleasure to know Ray Cole for 20+ years. He is passionate when it comes to industry and community service, and a dynamic public speaker who can deliver a substantive message in a fun, entertaining style. In particular, his Iowa roots, diverse media background and previous leadership experience as a past chairman of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce makes him an ideal choice to keynote your next chamber of community event. You won’t regret it.”
~Gene Meyer, President of the Des Moines Partnership (retired)


“Ray Cole is an outstanding man of character and his presentations inspire, uplift and motivate every audience. His is a gifted speaker with the unique ability to deliver a talk that will inform and enlighten your audience with a message that captures his tremendous life experiences … while positively impacting the lives of others. His stories are real, entertaining and with purpose. You won’t  be disappointed.”
~Scott Raecker, Director of the The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University (the home of Character Counts!)


“Reading Ray Cole’s delightful book — and/or hearing him speak — will put an instant smile on your face. He is the Ted Lasso of authors! He believes in the best of humanity and makes us all better just knowing him.”
~Martha Raddatz , Chief Global Correspondent and Co-Anchor of This Week with George Stephanopoulos, ABC News