With the start of summer, employees will have even more interruptions working from home. Productivity Experts, Andy Core and Dr. Jo Lichten have programs that will help your employees create healthy habits to increase their productivity. They’ll offer tips on how to manage the distractions and stay on task.


Andy Core: Andy Core is an award winning lecturer, author, television host and expert in human performance and motivation. He has a master’s degree in the science of human performance and has spent the last 17 years mastering what it takes to become energized, healthy, motivated and better equipped to thrive in today’s hectic society. Core has contributed to improving the overall health of some of America’s most successful companies as well as some of our most unhealthy communities. He is a high-energy, humorous individual who tackles a serious topic and gets results.

Disruption Proof Productivity – How to be super productive working from home 
Interruptions are the productivity killer. Feeling overwhelmed zaps your motivation and quality of life. You can overcome overwhelm and interruptions with a few shifts in your mindset and time management skills. In this program, you will learn three specific skills that drive sustained motivation and focus when working from home.

You will also learn:
                • The three most effective types of time management and when to use each
                • New research on how to be super productive even with multiple interruptions
                • To use Big Box Time Management to end each day relaxed and ready to recharge


Dr. Jo Lichten: Dr. Jo Lichten began leading full-day stress management programs in the early 1990’s. Since then she has presented more than 1000 programs at conferences and companies in North America and abroad. Jo is the author of five books including, Reboot – how to power up your energy, focus, and productivity, in which she discusses how small changes in the way we eat, sleep, move, and think can power up our energy to beat burnout. Jo attempts to live a peaceful stress-free life in sunny Florida with her husband, John – and kids and grandkids nearby. But stress still comes her way. She can’t seem to outrun her perfectionistic, type A personality, nor the lingering effects of growing up in a single bathroom house with a family of nine kids.

Four Work from Home Habits to Power Up Your Productivity

Working from home offers certain privileges over traditional office workers – such as working in pajamas and skipping the dreadful commute. Yet, people working from home report having more difficulty staying focused and on-task.

Using quizzes and fun training exercises, Dr. Jo will help participants discover and practice four powerful work from home habits that are scientifically proven to maximize focus and productivity. 

Attendees will leave this keynote with:

1. Practical tools to squash the distraction bug and stay on task

2. Creative rituals and routines that can boost both health and performance

3. An understanding of the difference between mind-switching and multi-tasking

NOTE: this program covers strategies on how to avoid the following four negative work-from-home habits:
1. Beat the Time Suckers – including social media

2. Stop Multi-Tasking – including TV, surfing the web

3. Start with a Work Plan – to prioritize your tasks and goals

4. Recharge with Adequate Quality Breaks – what works and what doesn’t 


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